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Yato and Sekki.

The Yukine Arc is the first arc of the ノラガミ Noragami series by Adachitoka. It spans chapters 1-11 of the manga and episodes 1-10 of season 1. It includes an episode adapted from a chapter of the side-series Noragami Shuuishuu.

Next arc: Rabou Arc (anime only)
Next arc: Bishamonten Arc (canon-line)

Short Summary

Hiyori meets and befriends Yato, and Yukine has a hard time adjusting to life as a shinki.

Extended Summary

Chapter 1: The Man in the Sweatsuit Yato searches for a cat named Ue-sama. Hiyori knocks him out of the way of a bus, and develops a condition where her soul slips out of her body. Yato accepts her wish to fix it, though he doesn't actually know how.

Chapter 2: The House Cat, The Stray God, and The Tail

Chapter 3: Like Snow Hiyori continues searching for a shinki for Yato. Yato finds and names Yukine just in time to slay a phantom.

Chapter 4: A Few Godly Perspectives

Chapter 5: Borderline

Chapter 6: Be Afraid

Chapter 7: Benighted

Chapter 8: Strays On A Stormy Night

Chapter 9: Abominable Creature

Chapter 10: Crossing the Line Yato helps Manabu Ogiwara confront his bullies. Yato collapses due to extensive blight caused by Yukine, and Hiyori carries him to Kofuku's house for help.

Chapter 11: A Name Daikoku, Mayu, and Kazuma agree to partake in the purification ritual. Yato refuses to give up Yukine's name, and Yukine finally confesses his sins.

Character Debuts

Adaptation Notes

  • The majority of Episode 4 adapts material that is not part of the main story of the manga. Rather, it is adapted from Noragami Shuuishuu Chapter 1.
  • In the manga, when Kuraha bites Yato, Yukine (Sekki) moves on his own to injure Kuraha's eye.[1] In the anime, Nora uses Bind to restrain Kuraha. Yato then escapes his jaw and cuts Kuraha's eye using Sekki.[2]