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Yugiha (靫巴), is a current Regalia to Bishamonten. His vessel name is Saiki (靫器).


Yugiha Character Design.png

He is seen to be of average height, with dark blue hair and brown eyes. In his human-like form, he is dressed in a smart suit, a common uniform worn by all of Bishamonten's shinki.


Despite transforming into a gigantic sword, Yugiha is a generally meek and quiet person.




Transforms into a great sword with an abstract motif on the blade. Saiki is very big and powerful, thus he is able to cut through almost everything. However Yugiha has problems with drawing borderlines so without Kazuma's help, Yugiha ends up cutting through Near Shore lives too.


  • A rumor amongst Japanese fans is that the manga's lead editor revealed at an event that Yugiha is actually female. Whether this was a joke due to Yugiha's meek personality and the usage of the pronoun "uchi" (typically used by women), or that Yugiha is actually transgender, remains to be seen in the series itself.
  • Strangely enough, in OVA 3, when everyone went to the hot springs, he was the only one of Bishamonten's battle shinki not to be shown among the others, all of whom were present.