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Yato's view of Izanami.

The Yomi Arc is the third canon arc of the ノラガミ Noragami series by Adachitoka. It spans chapters 25-39 of the manga and episodes 7-13 of Noragami Aragoto. It also includes OVA 1.

Previous arc: Bishamonten Arc
Next arc: Sakura Arc

Short Summary

Yato ventures into the Underworld to rescue Ebisu. The Heavens catch wind of Ebisu's manipulation of phantoms.

Extended Summary

Chapter 25: When Sleeping Gods Are Provoked Bishamon is interrogated at a Colloquy about the events of the previous arc. Yato possesses Hiyori during her high school debut.

Ebisu making an offer for Yukine.

Chapter 26: How to Worship A God Ebisu offers to purchase Yukine from Yato, and Yukine learns more about the role of a guidepost. Yato and Yukine take care of odd jobs, including a phantom that likes money. Hiyori presents Yato with a shrine she made for him.

Chapter 27: Do and Due Yato is officially recognized as a god by Heaven. Ebisu is shown naming a phantom. Yukine asks Kazuma to teach him shinki techniques. Yato and Nora complete a job for Father.

Chapter 28: God of Calamity Hiyori asks around for Yato, who hasn't returned from Nora and Father yet. She later meets Kouto Fujisaki. Bishamon and Ōkuninushi visit Ebisu after his collapse. Yato tries and fails to escape from Father, but is given one more job.

Chapter 29: The Affairs of Three Realms Yato and Nora enter the Underworld in order to retrieve Ebisu. Hiyori agrees to a triple date. A Colloquy is called, where Takemikazuchi reveals the believed identity of the Sorceror.

Chapter 30: The Sound of Thread Snapping They find Ebisu, and he explains to Yato why he is here searching of the Locution Brush. Hiyori goes on her triple date with Kouto Fujisaki at Capypa Land. The remaining Seven Gods of Fortune are confined by Heaven's shinki.

Chapter 31: Like Parent, Like Child Yukine reunites with Hiyori, causing her to remember him and Yato. In the Underworld, Ebisu questions how and why Yato is still alive as such a minor god. Meanwhile, High Sentinel Ōshi begins the Kagome game to interrogate the Mi-clan shinki. Ebisu and Yato are suddenly transported to Izanami by her beldams.

Chapter 32: She Who Invites Izanami has Yato and Ebisu fight to determine who will stay with her in exchange for the Locution Brush. Kazuma, Yukine, and Daikoku ask Tsuyu for help in locating their Ebisu. Ebisu manages to steal the Locution Brush from Izanami.

Izanami in her true form. A skeleton body, with long, straight, dark hair completely covering the skull. Behind her head is a circular pattern, representing her control over the Underworld..

Izanami's true form.

Chapter 33: Wielder of an Iron Will Ebisu and Yato attempt to flee the Underworld. Takami confesses Ebisu's whereabouts to Heaven, and the Seven Gods of Fortune escape Heaven's imprisonment. Hiyori and Yukine secretly travel to the Underworld's entrance, and encounter Kugaha.

Chapter 34: Much Were Their Desires Yato and Ebisu find that the exit is sealed. Yukine faces off against Kugaha, and they're rescued by Tenjin, who takes Kugaha as a nora. Yato has Ebisu open a vent using his masked phantoms, although only Ebisu is able to escape.

Chapter 35: Death Ebisu and Bishamon face off against Heaven's subjugation forces, particularly Takemikazuchi and Kiun. Ebisu is ultimately killed by a child shinki, and his final request is for Bishamon to rescue Yato from the Underworld.

Chapter 36: Binding Curse Kofuku opens a vent for Bishamon and her shinki to enter the Underworld. Yato and Nora reminisce about Father, then are re-captured by Izanami just before Bishamon arrives to help. On the surface, Amaterasu appears.

After Hiyori called Yato's true name.

Chapter 37: The Sound of You Calling My Name Bishamon fights a losing battle against Izanami. Amaterasu tells Kofuku about the Soul Call, and Hiyori uses it to retrieve Bishamon. Nora tells Yato about the Soul Call, and he learns it was used to help Father escaped the Underworld after he stoll the Word. Hiyori realizes Yato's true name, and he's able to escape. Father later retrieves Nora the same way.

Chapter 38: Because I Promised Yato wakes up at Bishamon's estate, and is distraught to meet the newly reincarnated Ebisu. He takes Ebisu to the Olive Tavern as his predecessor had wished for. Yato revokes Nora's name.

Chapter 39: Until Now and From Now On Kunimi and Ebisu explain his predecessor's intentions to Bishamon and Ōkuninushi. Kazuma interrogates Kugaha. Yato tells Yukine and Hiyori about Father, and commits to Yukine as his guidepost.

Character Debuts

Adaptation Notes

  • OVA 1 is adapted from chapter 25, although it only includes Yato's divine possession of Hiyori.
  • Takemikazuchi's speech at the Colloquy where he incriminates Ebisu is shortened in the anime. The report is mentioned without visual/spoken details of what was witnessed, and Ebisu's constant stinging and reincarnation is also omitted.[1]
  • The Kagome game is omitted from the anime, although it is said that Ebisu's residence is still searched by Heaven.[2]
    • In the manga, Oushi attempts to use Bind on Kazuma, but fails since he does not consider himself subordinate to her.[3] In the anime, Kazuma successfully uses it on Oushi, then releases her moments later.[4]
  • In the manga, Ebisu dies almost immediately after escaping the Underworld. He is held by Bishamon, and he asks her to rescue Yato.[5] In the anime, Ebisu simply loses consciousness at this point, and wakes up later in the episode.[4] His execution is completed after Yato is retrieved from the Underworld.
  • Following Ebisu's death in the anime, Takemikazuchi says much of the same things he expressed in the manga, but Bishamon's half of the conversation is omitted.[5]
  • Amaterasu does not make an appearance in the anime. Instead, it is Ebisu who informs the others of the Soul Call.[4]
  • In the manga, Ebisu is executed by a child shinki who explodes. In the anime, his execution is completed through use of the Pacification Ring, and he is held by Yato as he dies. He adds that he is glad to have met Yato, and Yato returns the sentiment.[6]
    • Rather than showing his death linearly as occurred in the manga, much of this scene is shown through a flashback in the next episode.[7]
  • In the manga, Yato is not present when Ebisu died. Therefore, when he awakens in Bishamonten's estate, he is shocked and distressed when he meets the newly reincarnated Ebisu.[8] In the anime this "reunion" and related scenes in Bishamon's estate are changed: Yato ties Ebisu's shoelace on the way to the Olive Tavern. He also questions Ebisu about sharing his predecessor's memories at the Olive Tavern.
  • In the manga, Yato meets Nora alone to excommunicate her, while Yukine and Hiyori secretly watch from a tree.[8] In the anime, Yato purposefully brings Yukine with him, admits to his dark past, and asks for guidance in becoming a god of fortune.
    • When Nora appears, the anime adds a dialogue between her and Yukine. She tells him that he doesn't know true violence and would therefore never be able to bear Yato's burden. Hiyori watches the excommunication from across the lake.[7]


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