Yato (夜ト?) is the main protagonist of the series. He is a God of War and Calamity, as well as the God of Depravity, and has recently become a God of Fortune (to Hiyori), as mentioned in chapters 54 and 55 of the manga.


Yato appears as an attractive young man in his early twenties. He is usually seen wearing his signature navy jersey with white undershirt, along with a small gold crown on the right side of his jersey; a tattered, faded white "fluffy fluff" scarf tied around his neck and a pair of brown leather boots. He has dark purple chin-length hair, which he occasionally wears in a ponytail, and striking light blue eyes, which have cat-like pupils when he is angered, happy or when he does his cat face.


Yato is often very playful and sneaky, often doing silly and childish things such as buying good luck items that are obviously a scam and giving Yukine a tacky jacket, among other things. In short, he has a "goofball-to-stone-cold badass personality". He is very determined to become more popular as a God, often leaving his cell phone number everywhere he can (including on trains, toilet doors and spraying on random walls) and doing jobs. However, he also slacks off occasionally.

There are times when Yato appears very serious and mysterious, for instance when he meets with Nora. Yato can also be crude and unpredictable, although it is hinted that he can also be a cruel and merciless person. This is strongly implied by Kofuku, who introduces the rumor that he once killed a Shinki and several humans (according to Daikoku, this happened a long time ago, where the rule was "kill or be killed"). This rumor was later strengthened by Bishamonten's anger towards Yato -- apparently it was her Shinki that he killed. Yato eventually confirms this himself to Yukine, adding that he did it "Because he wanted to." These actions might have been motivated by his need to at least exist in people's memories. (However, it was later revealed Yato was actually asked to kill by Bishamonten's lead shinki.)

Yato is seen to have a very low tolerance for weak spirited people, and if they want to commit suicide he has little motivation to help them. This is mostly because Shinki, like Yukine, did not experience a full human life, and because they died from an accident, killing them at a young state. This low tolerance usually causes those around him to become upset.

Yato also appears very materialistic when it comes to money, when Hiyori mentions her job request he claims he'll definitely do it because he intends to keep her money and holds his bottle full of coins. He also tends to spend his money on drinking, gambling, and buying good luck trinkets, much to Yukine's dismay, to the point where he has even stolen money from Yukine, as shown in Chapter 24. In fact, in Chapter 41, when he opted to use his money to make Hiyori happy by going to Capyperland, Yukine was so happy because Yato was using his money to make someone else happy that he shed tears, causing Hiyori to pity him.

Yato will often indulge in fantasies of himself being a very successful god with more followers than any other god and lots of shrine maidens at his fingertips.Despite his aloof and often idiotic personality, Yato is a god that is seen to be quite wise and very serious when the situation requires it.

It is shown that in the past, when he was more like a God of Calamity (Magatsukami) than he is now, he seems to have a much more serious, merciless, and cruel personality. However, his personality seems to have altered to a more optimistic standard through Sakura's influence. Due to Sakura's influence, he becomes more reluctant to murder and even in the present when he is forced to take on less savory jobs by his father that involve murdering people (usually other murderers or sinful people) he regrets it and wants to cut himself off from killing people. He also used to be much stronger in the past, according to Rabō.

File:Yato (God of Depravity).png

Yato as the God of Depravity

In Chapter 40, Fujisaki Kouto revealed that Yato is a "God of Depravity," meaning that Yato only knows how to steal and not to give, and that those people around him will suffer terribly.

Yato has expressed in Chapter 52 that his greatest wish is to simply be besides Yukine and Hiyori but understands that his Father will do whatever he can to prevent that. This shows that Yato's true desire may not simply be in being remembered and a God of Fortune but also to be with the ones he loves and to make them happy. In fact, he does show a great loyalty towards those he loves and cares for. He was angered when Hiyori was kidnapped and believed Bishamon to be behind it, to the point where he challenged her and was devastated when Yukine sacrificed himself to save Yato from Bishamon (though Yukine survived and became a hafuri vessel because of his sacrifice). He also cried when Ebisu, who acknowledged him as a God capable of making others happy, died and reincarnated and apologized sincerely to the reincarnated Ebisu, despite Ebisu saying he did nothing wrong. In fact, he cares so much for Yukine and Hiyori that he refused to tell them about his past and more about himself, including his real name, for fear that if he did they would hate and abandon him, especially since he is a god that is easily forgotten by others and, as Father has stated, has always been abandoned because he is a God of Calamity. This caused some strain on his relationship with Yukine since Yukine at times felt inferior to Nora, though Yato alleviates these fears when he releases Nora and tells Yukine to be his guidepost and light the way for him.

Manga Chronology

Mutsumi Arc/Prologue

One day, a girl named Mutsumi calls him as a last-ditch effort when she sees his number scrawled on the wall of a toilet cubicle. Desperate, she begs him to stop her classmates from bullying her.

He and his Shinki, Tomone, destroy the Ayakashi (which had formed as a result of her fellow classmates' anxiety due to the approaching exams), that had appeared outside the school. However, this does not stop the bullying. Mutsumi, in total anger and sadness, yells at Yato about why she is still being bullied.

Yato leaves angrily and Mutsumi is not pleased about what Yato and Tomone have done. Tomone then pleads Yato to help her again. While Mutsumi is still depressed, beginning to walk up the stairs back to her classroom, Yato appears on the top of the stairs in front of her. He then severs her ties with her classmates, thus making her an outsider, which allows her to start a new relationship with her peers.

Shortly afterwards Tomone requests for Yato to release her as his Shinki because she cannot stand being homeless and living like a vagrant with a God with no shrine. Yato reluctantly accepts and she leaves him, leaving him vulnerable since without a Shinki he has no weapon.

Yukine and Hiyori

While taking an odd job finding a cat, he notices that cat on the street and tries to grab it only to be pushed out of the way of a truck by Hiyori, which marks their first meeting. This causes her current condition of her spirit randomly leaving her body and being able to see Ayakashi.

He visits her in the hospital to make sure she is okay and leaves. She becomes sleepy after the incident and her memories of the incident become dazed. She decides to find the cat to see if she can regain her memories but Yato finds the cat first and ends up chased by Ayakashi. Hiyori saves him and he tells her about how after the accident her soul now slips out of her body at random. He returns the cat and carries her home.

She wakes up and hits him but he assures her that he will fulfill her wish since he took five yen from her. The two meet once again and she requests he fix her body which he accepts for five yen. Eventually, she tries to help him find a Shinki but ends up getting in trouble with some Ayakashi. However, as they run Yato notices Yukine's spirit and claims him as his own, creating the weapon Sekki and easily defeating the Ayakashi.

After his victory he cries over having seen Yukine's past. He reverts Sekki to his human form Yukine and offers his jacket but Yukine rudely refuses saying that it stinks. He later takes Hiyori's coat and scarf, leaving her freezing. He complains about Yato's vagrant lifestyle and homelessness and later opts to stay with Hiyori.

He takes advantage of her kindness and also begins to scam people of money while working with Yato. He also notices that his lack of presence due to being dead makes it easy for him to steal, and his sins begin to blight Yato. Later, Yato introduces Yukine and Hiyori to Kofuku and Diakoku and tells Hiyori to go to them when needing help. Yato then takes a request to help a bullied child stand up for himself, giving him a knife and telling him to turn the tables.

The victim nearly gives into the ayakshi telling him to hurt the bully though he decides not to become like him. Yukine goes around Hiyori's middle school in the meantime and realizes as he watches the other students and how they hang out with their friends and complain about their lives that what he wants isn't money but a normal life, something he can't have since he died. This causes Yukine, in a fit of rage, to smash all the windows, worsening Yato's blight.

Hiyori carries Yato to Kofuku and urges Yukine to follow. Daikoku tries to gather fellow Shinki to help purify Yato but can only get Mayu to agree, as she was Yato's former Shinki and since there is the chance that when the ablution fails Yato will die. Hiyori manages to get Kazuma to sneak away from Bishamonten and agrees to help. The three Shinki perform an ablution on Yukine and while he initially gives in to his sin and becomes an Ayakashi, Hiyori makes Yukine realize that Yato was his friend and father figure, prompting Yato to yell that he gave Yukine a name so he should live like a person. Yukine realizes the error of his ways and burst into tears, yelling he is sorry and sincerely confesses his evils which saves Yato making his blight go away and Yukine from becoming an Ayakashi.


Bishamonten continues to search for Yato, forcing the the latter and Yukine to hide out at Kofuku and Daikoku's shop. Yato and Yukine take up a job, caring for a couple's infant. However, while doing so, an Ayakashi appears. Yato deduces that the monster was created by the baby's loneliness, spending nights staring in the mirror. He uses Sekki to destroy the Ayakashi by cutting the baby's reflection in the mirror.

Yukine begins disappearing regularly from Kofuku and Daikoku's shop; after pressing the issue, Yato discovers that Yukine is meeting with Suzuha, a Shinki of Bishamonten, whom he has befriended. Yato allows it, but warns Yukine to be wary. Yato later has a conversation with Nora who says that relationships are fragile and when they break they can't be broken and that is where Yato comes in, to cut the bonds.

Soon, Kuguha, Bishamonten's doctor Shinki, kills Suzuha, setting a chain of events that leads to Bishamonten's health deteriorating. Yato begins to spy on Hiyori and Yukine as they prepare for a picnic while waiting for Suzuha, not knowing he is dead. Yato texts Hiyori to save him some food before Hiyori throws him into the pond for spying. He is seen spying again on Hiyori to ensure her safety, though she promises to visit him everyday and not forget him, prompting Yato to ask how much of that lie is true.

One day, Yato follows Yukine as he makes his way to see Suzuha; however, Yato is sidetracked when Yukine throws a meat bun to distract him. By the time Yato makes it to Suzuha's tree - his and Yukine's meeting place - Yukine has left. However, Yato realizes that the spot contains traces of a storm, and realizes that Suzuha is dead. Yukine chases Kazuma to learn the truth and ends up at Bishamonten's mansion where he learns Suzuha was killed. Yukine calls Bishamonten a failure as a God and her family as living in hell since she failed to pay attention to her Shinki, causing her to shoot at him and Kazuma to block him. Shocked, Bishamonten exiles Kazuma, causing Yukine to feel guilty and blight Yato.

Later, Yato is ambushed by Aiha who is using a stick imbued with dark magic. She underestimates him and he easily defeats her while stating that he wouldn't take it easy on her just because she was a woman as age and gender don't matter to a God, and while distracted with her Kuguha kidnaps Hiyori. Kazuma tries to intervene but is also kidnapped with her. Yato, reasoning Bishamonten sent Aiha to attack him and kidnap HIyori, goes with Yukine to the heavens to retrieve her.

He asks for Tenjin's help and agrees under the conditions Yato won't tell anyone he sent Yato to the heavens and that he cut Hiyori's ties with him. Yato agrees and storms Bishamonten's palace. The two engage in a fight and Bishamonten gains an upper hand when her Shinki place a barrier around Yato, separating him from Yukine. However, Yukine arrives in time to block Bishamonten's attack, killing Yukine in the process. Yato initially mourns Yukine's sacrifice until he realizes Yukine isn't dead as his name hasn't faded and summons him again.

Yukine returns to him in perfect health as two katana, stronger than before and Yato nearly gains the upper hand in his fight with Bishamonten as she becomes blighted. Meanwhile, Kuguha sets off Ayakashi to kill off his fellow Shinki, as he admits to being tired of Bishamonten as she is not the God of War he believes she should be and sees the other Shinki not as family but as pitiful pieces of trash that should be thrown away.

Bishamonten remains irrational, thinking Yato is the cause of everything and everything will be fine once she kills him. Yato nearly kills her until Hiyori comes and says she is alright and Bishamoten wasn't the one who kidnapped her.

The two still proceed to fight until Kazuma steps in and pushes Yato out of the way, getting hit by Bishamonten in the process. Kazuma calms Bishamonten and explains he was the one who ordered Yato to kill he ma clan to stop her pain and blight, causing Bishamonten to cry. Yato then calls out Kuguha as the mastermind.

Kuguha explains that Bishamonten has fallen from her path and he wanted to replace her to make her the proper God of War she should be. Yato is disgusted by his words and cuts off his hands. He proceeds to finish him until Bishamonten intervenes. She releases his name and sends him to the far shore while going off to stop all the Ayakashi Kuguha set on the rest of her Shinki.

Yato then goes back to Tenjin's temple where everyone awaits him. He brags that Yukine is now a blessed regalia and decides to cut off ties with Hiyori. Hiyori, however, refuses to cut her ties with him as she doesn't want to forget him and wants to spend more time with him. This makes Yato happy but he begins to stalk her, causing her to become frightened of him and ignore him.

Later the three of them Yato, Yukine and Hiyori decide to have a picnic at Suzuha's cherry tree. Hiyori admits to having invited some guests which include Kofuku, Daikoku, Tenjin and his Shinki, and lastly, Bishamonten and her Shinki. Bishamonten states she won't fight especially since the tree belonged to Suzuha and everyone gets along, except for Yato and Bishamonten. While no longer enemies, there is still heavy tension between the two. Kazuma and Hiyori go to get more beer, with Hiyori helping carry things.

Kazuma thanks her and says he never thought he'd see the day the two would get along and how he has always been a fair weather friend but is thankful for Yato. They soon begin talking about the masks that appeared on the Ayakashi Kuguha controlled and what they mean but Tenjin interrupts them, having overheard everything and tells Hiyori not to get too involved since she is not someone of the Far Shore and she could be in trouble if she gets too close to Yato. The three then go back to the picnic and see a fight between Bishamonten and Yato emerge, both drunk.

Bishamonten collapses and admits she hated Yato because he saved her twice, how she couldn't save her own Shinki, and had to rely on a no name God like Yato to help her. Taking advantage of the situation, Yato puts his hand over her lips and kisses her in order to distract her, much to the shock of everyone. Yato laughs and Bishamonten, humiliated, proceeds to beat him. Tenjin tries to stop the argument but becomes angered when they call him a loser and joined the fight, ruining the picnic.


Yato goes to Hiyori's school and Kofuku explains that most people usually forget about Yato since he is an unknown God so Hiyori's words about wanting to remember him made him happy. However, the moment is short lived as Yato decides to possess Hiyori's body for fun and cause havoc around the school, advertising his services while making Hiyori look bad to purposely isolate her so he can be her prince charming to rescue her.

However, he later uses her body to save a peeping tom who was taping him (while possessing Hiyori) changing clothes and who attempted suicide after he was caught in the act by Kofuku and Hiyori (he was able to see Hiyori's soul separated from her body since he was being possessed by Ayakashi). This causes people to develop mixed opinions on Hiyori between half the school admiring her and the other half thinking of her as a slut.

When she goes to Yato to complain, she sees Yato surrounded by money and he explains Ebisu offered a huge sum to buyYukine as his regalia and is even willing to share Yukine. However, Ebisu is disappointed Yukine was tempted by the money since as Yato's guidepost and only Shinki and blessed Shinki that he should free himself from temptation and worldly possessions. As Yato and Yukine go on a job to kill the Ayakashi possessing a con artist robbing old people, Yato asks Yukine if he wants to go to Ebisu and he can if he wants and Yukine remarks how Yato kept Nora around as insurance when he was tired of his own Shinki.

Ultimately, Yukine decides to throw the money Ebisu offered away to help capture the Ayakashi possessing the con artist as the Ayakashi was drawn to money. He and Yato defeat the Ayakashi and Yato falls into depression over losing the money as he was not willing to sell Yukine but wanted to use the money Ebisu already gave to build a shrine. He cheers up after receiving Hiyori's handmade mini shrine, as it was the first shrine he had ever gotten. He even manages to use the shrine to convince the administration to approve him as a true God (as he was a self made God before) and can even go to Heaven now.

Later, while Yukine is sleeping Yato is forced to go with Nora as their father has summoned them. He is forced into doing heinous acts involving murdering humans upon their request including a man who killed a child but didn't get arrested, and a man who killed four people but didn't have evidence on him. Yato initially remains submissive but becomes concerned with how long he has being way and if Hiyori has forgotten him. He tries to escape but Ayakashi controlled by his father stop him. Nora tells him Father will let him go if he goes to the underworld to save Ebisu.

While Yato questions what his father's relation with Ebisu is, he doesn't ask and agrees. He becomes Ebisu's bodyguard of sorts and while the two talk, Ebisu says that Yato is lucky since he can value his own life and may one day become a God that brings others happiness. The two meet with Izanami and Ebisu demands the brush she has that controls Ayakashi. She says in exchange one of them must stay with her and be her friend forever. Ebisu then attacks Yato, determine to be the one who leaves. Yato, confuses strikes back until Ebisu manages to steal the brush from her and both leave with Ebisu admitting it was an act, though Yato thought it was real.

As the two try to leave they are surrounded by Izanami's army of female corpses. Ebisu is about to give up but Yato says not to because even if he dies and reincarnates, he will essentially be replaced because he will lose all of his memories and current self. this gives Ebisu the will to live and Yato tells him to open a crater above using the Ayakashi. Ebisu does so and while he manages to escape, Yato is dragged back down by Izanami's hair. As Ebisu rises above ground, the heavens decide to kill Ebisu as punish for associating with Ayakashi, with the attack party led by Takemikazuchi.

Bishamonten comes to protect him but Ebisu is still killed, leaving Bishamonten furious. Meanwhile, as Yato is about to be forced to stay in Izanami's territory forever, Bishamonten comes to help him fight her but even she proves no match for Izanami. Hiyori then summons Bishmonten away using her real name but can't do the same for Yato since 'Yato' is apparently not his real name. In the nick of time, Hiyori figures his true name to be Yaboku and manages to summon him out of Izanami's territory.

He recuperates at Bishamonten's place and meets the newly reincarnated Ebisu who he pushes away as he is horrified that despite his efforts Ebisu was still killed. Later, unknowingly followed by Yukine and Hiyori, he takes the new Ebisu out to the Olive House, a place the previous Ebisu wanted to eat at with Yato to talk with him. As the two eat, Ebisu asks Yato questions about what kind of person he was and if he was such a bad person since the heavens wanted to kill him. Yato then yells to him that he was a wonderful person who had no qualms about laying his life for another and he was someone Yato could never be.

Yato then breaks down and apologizes to Ebisu for not protecting him. Ebisu meets with his former lead Shinki Iwami who the heavens have ordered Ebisu to exile and tells him Yato said he was a great person and hopes to be as good as his predecessor. Iwami tells him he wishes for his happiness and not to sacrifice his precious life for another ever again, which Ebisu agrees to.

That night, Yato summoned Nora before releasing her name, much to the latter's fury. Yukine and Hiyori watched as the stray disappeared with the promise that 'Father' would know about this.

Becoming a God of Fortune

Yato decides to become a God of Fortune and asks Yukine how to do this. Yukine, angered that that was all he had to say and for not trusting him, beats Yato up with his precious five yen bottle. Meanwhile, Bishamonten, Tenjin, Ookinushi, and Kunimi talk about why Ebisu wanted to control Ayakashi and that there was another sorcerer behind everything who was using Ebisu as a scapegoat, and how foolish the Gods of Heaven were for killing him without understanding the full situation, allowing the true mastermind to get away scot free. Meanwhile, Yato once again asks Yukine what he should do to be a god of Fortune since he wants Yukine to light the way. Yukine says he is the fine the way he is and should keep doing things the way he has while Yato says he doesn't know how he is supposed to change without changing. He also tells Hiyori and Yukine about his father who forced him into murdering people. They then proceed to say it is alright since that was a long time ago and make fun of how he let go of his stray, much to his embarrassment. Yato begins a new advertising campaign that doesn't work out well, much to his annoyance. Yukine tells Hiyori he is happy Yato is relying on him and how he would be more successful being a God of Fortune instead of trying to be famous. They soon go to Bishamonten's palace for training between yukine and Kazuma. Yato is annoyed at Kazuma because he promised to get Yato a new smartphone but instead gave him a coo phone (a carrier pigeon) instead. In retaliation, during training, Yato mentions Kazuma has a horde of pictures of BIshamonten and how Kazuma has supported him from day one, prompting Bishamonten to beat the two of them up. Bishamonten then inquires HIyori about Yato's relation to Ebisu and about the person who Yato claims is his father, but Hiyori lies that the two became friends when Ebisu tried to buy Yukine and doesn't know anything about yato's father. Yato's father, Fujisaki, is shown using the brush he acquired and practices using it to make an innocent civilian jump off a rail, killing her in the process and smiling about it.

Hiyori sees him and avoids him since he kissed her and he talks to Nora about how Yato is rebelling and he thinks Yato is dumb and so cute for rebelling but that no matter how hard he tries Yato will have no choice but to come back to him. Yato notices Hiyori is upset (she is upset thinking about Fujisaki kissing her) and he decides to take her to Capypa Land. While she is initially hesitant, after seeing Yato so happy about it, she decides to go along with it and has a fun time and even Yukine is swept away by the magic while Kofuku and Daikoku watch from close by and cause havoc wherever they go. However, after he tries to force her to go to the light parade with him when she doesn't want to (since that is where Fujisaki kissed her) he becomes depressed and decides they should leave, Hiyori takes it back and says she had fun but their moment is interrupted when Yukine's wish for them to go to hell (since they left him behind) and Kokfuku's bad luck causes the amusement park to fall apart).

Hiyori's words stay with Yato and Yato increases his stalking habits around her, much to her horror so she tries to avoid them. While hanging out with Kofuku and Daikoku, Kofuku starts talking about how she first met Daikoku and how the two adopted a child Shinki named Daigo but the stress of lying to him about why he didn't age caused Daikoku to blight Kofuku and he went to Yato to cut his ties with daigo so he could forget about him and spare Kofuku. Yato does so and Daikoku thanks him, saying he is in his debt and starting their friendships with each other. The next day, Yato gets a request from Tenjin to help an old woman return her bracelet to its rightful owner. The bracelet is actually a chain belonging to a pocket watch owned by her mother. The old woman is on the verge of death and plagued by nightmares about how her mother sacrificed herself to save her, dying in the fire as a result. Yato is able to expel the Ayakashi surrounding her and remind her of her mother's last words: Live. Later the old woman encounters Mayu who is revealed to be her mother and Tenjin and Yato tell Mayu to keep the chain the old woman left behind. Meanwhile, Father continues experimenting with the paintbrush, killing several people and states they should break Yukine the way they did Sakura to keep Yato on the path they set for him.

Yato's Past

Hiyori inquires Tsuyu about why Mayu couldn't recognize her own daughter and why Yato and Tenjin didn't tell her about her daughter, also why Yukine doesn't seem to know anything about his past, even though Tsuyu warns her she is getting to deep into something that doesn't concern her. Father calls Yato out while he is with Yukine and he tells Yukine to wait for him. Yato goes to Father's apartment where he recalls the past with Yato and tells Yato he is a necessary evil or more specifically an irreplaceable vital phenomenon of this world meant to kill for salvation and how Gods are pathetic since they let themselves be manipulated by their creators, the humans. He then talks about how great Yukine is and how he wants to make him his Shinki. Father also teases Yato about how he kissed Hiyori annoying Yato who sneaks into Hiyori's room to ask her about it. She admits that he kissed her but retaliates that Yato kissed Bishamonten at the picnic party. The two begin arguing but then Hiyori ends it saying how despite Yato being a pain she knows he truly cares for her. Meanwhile, Yukine is attacked by Nora who tells Yukine about the God's secret while Yukine laughs that Yato abandoned her, prompting her to attack with Ayakashi but he defends himself and corners her into running away. Yato treats Yukine's injuries and Yukine asks Yato what the God's secret is.

Yato says it is the God's origin and he tells Yukine about how his dad has been possessing people and is currently a classmate of Hiyori's and if he kills him he will die since his father is his lifeline. However, this is not the true God's secret. Father tries to free Kuguha using a human puppet controlled by an Ayakashi but Tsuyu manages to stop him in time. Hiyori comes in while Yato is sleeping and sits next to him. While drawn to his scent, she ends up seeing his memories. She sees Yato and Nora as children and their father. She sees how Yato met Nora and named her and the two killing people for their Father and the moment Yato meets Sakura, his first true Shinki. He accepts her after Tenjin revoked her name in a fit of rage not related to her but as he names her, sees her past and promptly throws her away. Being abandoned causes Sakura to blight Yato and goes back to save her after three days. He apologizes for what happened and promises to treat her well. She misreads his name Yaboku as Yato, which is what he currently uses. The two go shopping and he tries stealing stuff but Sakura reprimands him, saying doing that is illegal and will make people hate him, and he is not above the law confusing him as his father taught him it was alright to steal.

He later gives her flowers as an apology and they spend more time together, with Yato noticing how much she loves nature. Later, he uses her to kill someone causing her to be distressed and blight him. He does not understand why she didn't like it and she goes to talk about it with Tsuyu, who tells her that as his Shinki she should guide him. She goes back to Yato who brings more flowers to apologize and Sakura begins teaching Yato right from wrong while showing him human life and the beauty of the world. She also introduces him to the shrine and how Gods have one for people to ask for Gods' help and her belief that he will get one in the future. The two see an old man being dragged by his horse and Sakura convinces him to cut the rope not kill the horse, promtping the old man's thanks. Yato still kills people but becomes conflicted as he feels he should kill more to earn Father's praise but knows Sakura would be upset. Unfortunately, Father takes note of Yato's changed personality and relizes someone is influencing him. He punishes Nora and Yato treats her wounds but Sakura finds them. He introduces Sakura to Nora who asks Sakura what her past was like and tells Yato to tell her the God's greatest secret, their name and by extension their past. He calls her by her real name Tamanone, causing her to turn into an Ayakashi as she remembers being tortued and killed by bandits. Father orders Yato to kill her as the true nature of humans is disgusting and he will die otherwise. Hiyori confronts Fujisaki on this and he says to leave Yato alone but she says she will not and that he killed Sakura to make sure Yato didn't change. Father is amused though and decides not to back down.

Iki General Hospital

Father, deciding Hiyori is a bad influence on Yato, sends Ayakashi over to her family's hospital where they wreck havoc, causing several of the patients to act violent and erratic and create fights with one another. Hiyori's own mother gets hurt in the process, causing her great distress. She ends up nearly becoming an ayakshi from the stress and Yukine, unsure of what to do, draws a borderline between her and Yato, accidentally injuring her and blighting Yato as he feels guilty for what he has done. Yato manages to calm HIyori down, returning her to normal and uses Yukine as Sekki to kill the infesting Ayakashi. Unfortunately, the damage is still done as her family is now in debt and up to their heads with lawsuits as people believe her family's hospital is a dangerous place administering drugs to people and many patients are withdrawing and sueing for injuries.

Despite this, Hiyori still refuses to cut her ties with Yato and gains hope when her long lost brother comes back and her friends continue to support her. Her brother meets up with Yato on the request of fixing his late friend's painting since it seems her soul is still attached to her painting. Yato manages to remove her soul from the painting and Hiyori's brother properly introduces himself. Later, yato also meets Hiyori's grandmother who calls him a monster and bad spirit though she states Yukine is a good spirit. Hiyori begs Yato to stop the shinigami from claiming her grandmother's soul but Yato states that if he does that that her soul won't be able to reach the heavens but tells Hiyori that if her grandmother is not alone that the shinigami will leave for a while, though will come when the time comes.

War with Heavens

Kiun meets up with Yato to ensure he is loyal to heaven. Yato states he wants nothing to do with the heavens as they killed Ebisu and he does not like their way of doing things until Kiun tells Yato that he will have his status as a God stripped, his shrine taken away, and be reduced to a cult leader. Yato then proclaims his allegiance to heavens much to the annoyance of Hiyori, Yukine and later Ebisu (though none hold hard feelings since the consequences would be disastrous).

Kiun tells his master that while Yato has stated his allegiance that Yato should not be trusted and it is revealed Takemikazuchi owns Nora as a Shinki, implying him to be a future enemy. Yato, Yukine and Hiyori attend a banquet in honor of the Gods and almost every God is there except for Bishamonten, who used the opportunity to find the now-unguarded blessed hafuri that belonged to a God who clashed with the heavens and was killed by them. She manages to convince the hafuri to be hers in exchange for murdering heaven and giving the hafuri a final resting place so she can be with her deceased comrades and God. Meanwhile, at the banquet, Yato fails to socialize with any of the Gods because the ones he knows are already preoccupied but is happy when he meets Ebisu. He then bumps into Takemizuchi who belittles Ebisu by talking about how much fun it was to kill Ebisu's previous incarnation and how his mother abandoned him because he had no bones. He also belittles Yato. Yato is angry but decides to keep his temper. Just then, the polls for most popular Gods are in with Tenjin as third, Inari as second, and Ebisu as number 1. Yato eagerly awaits the award for best newcomer but sadly loses to Stationmaster Tama (referencing the real-life cat). Later during the matchmaking ceremony where Gods match up plaques of humans with their soulmates, Kofuku teases Yato about who Hiyori will be matched up with and Yato runs off. He cuts off her connections much to her annoyance, initially due to jealousy, but later due to the fact that all her matches are bad men who are either heavy gamblers, cultists, or homeless.

Yukine notices the pattern is similar, drawing a parallel between these men and Yato; and Yato promises to find a good match for her. Kofuku then ties Hiyori's plaque with Yato but Yato tries to cut it, thinking Kofuku tied her up with someone worthless (as Kofuku is the God of Misfortune). Takemikazuchi then ridicules Yato and makes him bow during the banquet, which is disgraceful for a God that is formally recognised by the heaven. He also tries to pick a fight with Yato but Yukine is able to deflect his attack without erecting a barrier, causing everyone's attention to be diverted to Yukine, along with the fact that Yukine is a rare blessed hafuri, hinting that only Kazuma had been one until Yukine came. Yukine becomes tired of the attention and he and Yato and Hiyori rest elsewhere. Later, Yato manages to attend the God's meeting talking about the populations' declining morale and belief in Gods' and their different approaches but it doesn't interest him. Several other Gods pull him away and introduce themselves as local gods who had opposed heaven, and were killed and reincarnated with shinki loyal to heaven reinstated as their lead shinki so that they will also be loyal to the heaven.

In the next chapter, Bishamonten has convinced Nana to be loyal to her and help kill the conjurer. Bishamonten becomes attached to her but decides she will still use her and manages to find the conjurer at Hiyori's school (who singled him out by creating a disturbance and noticing that only Hiyori and the conjurer looked at her). Bishamonten then questioned him on his actions, but the conjurer (Yato's Father) only mentions how he became sick of Gods who follow what humans say. She attempts to kill him but is interrupted by the Heaven's who have sent assassins to kill her. She tries to explain the situation but the heavens refuse to listen.

Later, Yato becomes implicated in the fight between Bishamonten and the heavens when Yato was sent out as one of the conscripts to kill the god "guilty of high treason". Yato tries to defend and save Bishamonten but places himself in danger, given that Bishanmonten can reincarnate but Yato, being a minor god born out of his father's wish, cannot. Yato's father then attempts to save Yato but was interrupted by Hiyori who accuses him of creating the fight between Bishamonten and the heavens. Yato's father manages to convince Hiyori to let him go to save Yato, and succeeds in distracting the heavens away from Yato by luring Bishamonten away from Yato.

Yato later becomes gravely injured as he continues to fight.

Noragami Anime Season 1

A Housecat, A Stray God and A Tail

Mutsumi is sitting in her classroom and is being bullied by her classmates, when she sees a "Ayakashi" outside her classroom window. She prays to God to save her. Yato responds by tossing and catching a 5 yen coin, and then destroys the Ayakashi with Tomone, his Shinki (also called a Regalia, or a Divine Weapon). Soon after, Tomone decides to quit and pleads him to release her, crying and saying she does not want him to be her Master because of his sweaty hands. Finally, Yato releases her and she immediately lights up, skipping away in happiness. After writing his cellphone number on a wall in a park, he eventually gets a call about "Milord" being missing. It turns out that this call was in fact pertaining to a missing cat named "Milord." Yato finds the lost cat in the middle of the road and chases it, where he is pushed out of the way of a bus by Iki Hiyori.

After Hiyori awakens in her family's hospital and spends the night, she is awoken by the voices of Ayakashis, and finds Yato in her bed. She retreats with cat-like reflexes. After telling her that she is the first human to ever save him, Yato introduces himself as a god. The two talk, and then Yato leaves via the window.

A few days later, Yato uses catnip to find Milord, and is then attacked by a Ayakashi. Hiyori appears, and runs away with Yato in tow. After Hiyori attacks the Ayakashi, and the two manage to lose it, Yato points behind her (at her "tail") and tells Hiyori that her soul has leaked out. Hiyori collapses back into her body. Yato returns Milord to his home and carries Hiyori. After she wakes up and calls Yato a pervert, he explains about her being stuck in between the Far Shore (in human terms, the afterlife) and the Near Shore (where the living reside). Hiyori asks for his help, seeing as he is a god, and he holds up five fingers and requests money in return. Hiyori mistakes the cost for 50,000 yen, and 500,000 yen, but Yato tells her the correct amount (5 yen).


Yato gets a call from Hiyori, who doubts his claims about him being a god because he has yet to help her, and he suddenly appears next to her, perching on the nearby railing, asking her how he could do that if he weren't a god. He then tells her that he cannot do anything without a Shinki. He gets a call from someone asking for help (it turns out to be cleaning the mold from a bathroom wall) and disappears. Hiyori then takes it upon herself to find a Shinki for him. After Yato gets yet another call from Hiyori, who claims to have found a Shinki, he yet again appears before her only to find that the so-called Shinki she had found was a bona-fide Ayakashi. Hiyori then tries to attack it but is stopped by Yato, who pulls on her "tail". Yato is then bitten by the Ayakashi, and he temporarily injures the Ayakashi and it lets go of his arm. While the Ayakashi is readjusting, Yato and Hiyori quickly retreat. Yato then prevents Hiyori from touching his injury, explaining that his arm has been "blighted," which is a type of defilement that spreads unless it is exorcised or cleansed. Yato also explains that Hiyori's "tail" is not a tail, but a lifeline that connects her physical and ethereal forms. The Ayakashi soon finds the two again as they then retreat once more. Yato suddenly stops dead in his tracks because he found an uncorrupted spirit. He claims it as his Shinki, and it transforms into its weapon form, a katana. Yato then sees a flashback of the spirit's memories and stands still on the top of a power pole, seemingly in shock, and then starts to collapse. He is eaten by the Ayakashi, katana in hand. Hiyori shouts his name and Yato, inside the Ayakashi, opens his eyes and chants. He kills the Ayakashi, lands on power lines, and then falls to the ground. He lays on the ground for a moment, crying. Later, he is seen cleansing his hand with the katana propped up beside him. He tells Hiyori that the katana's name is, as a human, Yuki, and less formally, Yukine, and as a weapon, Sekki. The katana then reverts to his human form, a teenage boy with blond hair and orange eyes. As Yuki is cold, Yato offers him his jersey top, but the Shinki rejects it, stating that it reeks of sweat. This leaves Yato standing in a state of shock with a blank look on his face.

Bidden Calamity

As Yukine tries to adjust to his role as Yato's Shinki, he is scolded by Yato over allegedly having dirty thoughts about Hiyori, explaining that they share the same mind and body, and that indecent thoughts 'sting' him. Later, the three are summoned by the God of Learning, Lord Tenjin, who has taken on Tomone, now named Mayu as one of his new Shinki. Tenjin commissions Yato to take care of some Ayakashis that have appeared near a railway track. Whilst fighting the Ayakashis, the three encounter a 'storm', which Yato and Yukine manage to destroy before it compels a schoolboy to walk into the path of a train.

Where Happiness Lies

Yato takes Hiyori and Yukine to meet a fellow god named Kofuku and her Regalia, Daikoku. In the middle of their talk, Yato is summoned by a suicidal office worker named Yusuke Urasawa , whom he accidentally knocks off the top of a building in the process. On the way down, Yusuke explains how his luck and fortune went downhill in pursuit of love for a girl, who turns out to be Kofuku, revealed to be a Binbougami (God of Poverty) who causes bad luck and misfortune to those around her. Yato uses Yukine to sever Yusuke's ties and memories to Kofuku, before ensuring he lands safely. After Yato collects his payment, Kofuku tells Hiyori that Yato had once killed before. Later, as Yato tells Hiyori to go to Kofuku and Daikoku should anything happen to him, Yukine encounters a strange girl, who is revealed to be Nora, one of Yato's Shinki.


Yato starts teaching Yukine how to create borderlines. He finds a small Ayakashi for Yukine to practice on. He tells Yukine to make his fingers into a halberd then draw a line between himself and the Ayakashi and he is successful. It is the Shinki's only weapon and shield and only Shinkis can use it. Hiyori then mentions Nora and if she can use it but Yato claims her to be a friend with benefits. Hiyori decides Yato is not responsible due to his supposed affairs, exes, and friend with benefits and takes Yukine with her to his house, where he will stay in her older brother's room since he has left the house. Yato follows and takes some food but neither of Hiyori's parents notice. Yato explains to her that it was better he slept in shrines because they are built on sacred ground unlike her house which will leave him exposed to Ayakashi attacks but Hiyori doesn't listen. Yukine tries to sleep in Hiyori's room which she allows since he is afraid of the dark but Yato stoops him since he is looking at Hiyori ustfully, blighting Yato in the process.

In the meantime, Bishamonten is killing Ayakashi aroud the city and trying to hunt Yato down. The next day, Hiyori and Yukine go to a store shopping and Yukine tries to take a skateboard to "borrow". Hiyori intially stops him, and he takes off. Yato explains to Hiyori that he isn't feel well because he knows Yukin is doing bad things like stealing since when he does Yato gets hurt as Gods and their regalia share mind and body. However, only Gods get hurt when regalia do bad things not the other way around. Regalia are especially tempted because they are dead and feel jealous of the living and having no prescence makes it easier for them to get away with things. They are also more suscpetible to negative emotions that lead to temptation. Hiyori thinks back to how Yato was a god of calamity and goes to search for Yukine while leaving her body behind. He picks it up and goes seraching fo them Yukine wonders if Hiyori is still mad at him and meets a child Shinki who doesn't understand she is dead and is waiting for her mother. He decides to wait with her but lets slip her mother might not be coming, causing her to run away in tears and get attacked by ayaashi. While he tries to save her, he becomes frightened when she sees she has been infected and she gets eaten. Hiyori tries to help but also gets surrounded by Ayakashi. Yato saves them both summons Yukine as a sword and kills the Ayakashi and the little girl, as there was no hope for her.

Scary Person

Yukine falls into depression over what happened and Hiyori offers cookies and coca to his door, but Yukine remains traumatized and runs away. Yukine goes back to the shop he went to with Hiyori and steals the skateboard when he notices that the clerk can't see him, blighting Yato in the process. Hiyori goes to look for Yukine and she asks her friends if they have seen him, though they haven't and tease Hiyori about a possible boyfriend. Yukine rides on the skateboard and decides he can do what he wants but Yato stops him, saking him where he got the skateboard. Hiyori tries to defend him but Yato knows he is lying. Suddenly, Bishamonten comes and attacks them, forcing Yato and Yukine to run away. Yukine tries to get out of it while Hiyori keeps silent so Bishamonten won't hit her too but Bishamonten doesn't believe Yukine is not involved so decides tog o after both. Bishamonten tries to corner him but he decides to go out in the open. Yukine is scared so his blade is dull but Yato refuses to let him go and the two can barely stand up to Bishamonten and her strong forces. Hiyori goes to Koufku and Daikoku for help and Kofuku mentions that Yato is being chased by Bishamonten because he killed her Shinki. While Daikoku says they shouldn't get involved, the two agree with Hiyori tracking Yato through his scent since she is capable of discerning and tracking Gods by their scent and mentions Yato's to be exceptionally sweet. Kofuku arrives to help but makes the situation worse by opening vents that release a ton of Ayakashi, forcing Bishamonten and her forces to retreat.

Uncertainty and Destiny

The episode starts with Kazuma going to visit Bishamonten in her springs about the situation with the vents opening and the Ayakashi released. She then asks if they have located Yato but he doesn't replace. Kazuma also reprimands her on her grudge against Yato put the others in danger. She ignores the question and changes the subject to eliminating the Ayakashi. Hiyori tries to give Yukine food but is instead met with Yato who says Yukine wentto tenjin's. Yukine asks Tenjin to make him his Shinki but Tenjin says Yato must first release him since if he is named by Tenjin while under Yato that would make him a stray, an existence Tenjin despises. Hiyori goes to Tenjin's to ask about this and explains why Nora are detestable which is because they are not loyal to one god and it is like if a child was named by someone else. Yato begins to suffer more blight and Nora visits him, saying he can use her whenever and that he should just release Yukine. Kazuma soon meets with Hiyori and confirms she can see him. He takes her to where Bishamonten is but she can't see Hiyori. He talks to Bishamonten about where the next vents are. Kazuma later explains he can control the situation and influence what is around him.

He also warns Hiyori to hide her head if she doesn't want to get hurt and explains how even though Yato is their enemy he is also their savior. He also says Yato is being blighted by the inside by his regalia and he should release him. Kazuma says something must be done soon as the regalias ill actions will lead to infecting their god which affects their health. Kazuma tells Hiyori to save yato as he owes him a lot and leaves. Yato then tells Yukine they have a job which is working a late night shift at a convenience store which Kofuku, Daikoku, and Hiyori visit. Yato kicks her out since she brings bad luck, and Daikoku hits him in retaliation. Daikoku comes to give Yato another job for later. During the commotion, Yukine steals money meant for charity, blighting Yato. Yukine runs away and Yato chases after him to complete Daikoku's job whilehandign his shift over to Daikoku and Kofuku. The job is to eliminate the Ayakashi over Kamiido, and Hiyori tells Yato to treat Yukine as a person not a tool. Yukine meets with Nora who tells him his eyes are beautiful but empty ike hawthorn fruits. Yato comes and tells him not to listen to Nora and to fight the Ayakashi but Yukine is unwilling to fight when the time comes and his blade has dulled once more. Yato still refuses to leave him as he named Yukine.

Over the Line

Hiyori thinks back to the events of the previous episode and what to do until she notices Yato in the women's restroom with Yukine and promptly beats them both up. Yato explains he got a request from a bully victim who is also in the restroom. He hid in the restroom because he believed the bully wouldn't find him there. Yukine is unwilling to help but Yato says he is being petty and jealous, causing Yukine to run away. Yato then gives the victim a knife and tells him to turn the tables, much to Hiyori's distress. Yukine looks around the school and goes to a classroom, where he tris on a uniform. He notices people around him but they don't notice him. Meanwhile, the victim named Manabu becomes affected by Ayakashi and decides to deal with the victim once and for all. Bishamonten visits Kofuku for a reading on where the vents will open and where the Ayakashi are. She then inquires if Kofuku is friends with Yato and she immediately answers yes. Despite Bishamonten's threat, Kofuku also threatens Bishamonten, telling her if she does anything to Yato that she better prepare for a storm, causing Bishamonten to back off and Daikoku to fall more in love with Kofuku, though Kofuku is worried about Yato since he was blighted.

Yato rests in the nurse's room and Hiyori tries to check up on his blight but becomes embarrassed when he wakes up and Yato gets further blighted as Yukine becomes jealous of the living. The two then meet up where Manabu is as he is about to confront the bully, handing the bully a knife to fight with but Manabu fights off the Ayakashi and decides not to stoop as low as the bully, causing the bully to soil his pants and run away. Yukine continues to listen to Hiyori's classmates as they complain about their lives and then they leave with their friends. He becomes upset and begs them to take him with them, causing him to smash windows in a fit of rage. This blights Yato to the max, and Hiyori carries him to Kofuku's and Daikoku's place, urging Yukine to do the same.


Hiyori goes to Kofuku's and Daikoku's place while carrying Yato with Yukine in tow. Daikoku sets up a boundary since Yato is blighted beyond belief, but Hiyori begs them to save Yato. Daikoku decides to find two more Shinki to help with the ablution while Hiyori goes inside to cleanse himself and Yukine is made to wait outside. However, Daikoku can only get Mayu from tenjin's place to agree. Hiyori decides to go to Bishamonten's temple where she urges Kazuma to help. He agrees and comes with her to Kufku's place. He tries to convnice Yato to let Yukine go but he refuses. Daikoku orders Yukine to take off his shirt, revealing he is severely infected with Ayakashi. Daikoku, Mayu, and Kazuma begin the ablution and try to force him to reveal his sins. However, Yukine refuses to as he reveals his sins saying that they should understand how he feels since they are dead and begins turning into an Ayakashi.

The situation turns dire as Yukine rejects the ablution and Yato is dying. Hiyori manages to get through to him and says that Yato was like his father and that if he was willing to betray someone like Yato then they won't be friends anymore. Yato then tells Yukine that he gave him a name to live as a person and he should start. Yukine then cries and apologizes, realizing his sins and both he and Yato are alive and well. Yato thanks everyone for what they have done to help Yukine and Hiyori cries and hugs them in relief.

Regarded with Hate

Yukine is more upbeat and happy after the cleansing, having repented for his sins and is trying to start fresh. He is working a part time job alongside Daikoku and is saving up to pay off all the stuff he stole. He also states it is because Yato doesn't do anything for himself. Daikoku then mentions that Yukine wanted to ask Hiyori for something, which is for her textbooks so he can study like everyone else. Kofuku then says Hiyori owes her ten million as she helped them twice (5 million each time) though Yato convinces her to drop it to a million but Hiyori remains angry and attacks Yato in retaliation. Yato goes to Tenjin's temple to tahnk him though the two end up in an argument. He also asks Tenjin how to fix Hiyori's problem and Tenjin tells him to cut ties with Hiyori. Yukine and Hiyori talk to Mayu and Hiyori notices one of Tenjin's Shinki, Mayu, is missing which is because Tenjin released her since she blighted him by slitting her wrist.

Afterwards, while Hiyori is walking with her friends, her friends tell her about a mysterious upcoming God called Rabō who will do anything anyone asks of him, even kill someone. Hiyori goes to Kofuku's house to study with Yukine and tehn goes back home and calls Yato and Yukine to invite them to go to the shrine with her while Yukine and Yato are on a job cleaning a dog house. She meets up with her friends while going to the shrine but Yato and Yukine are late because they have to slay Ayakashi on the way, which is revealed to be the work of Yato. As Hiyori waits for them, Nora catches up to her complaining about how because of Hiyori Yukine wasn't revoked and sicks Ayakashi on her. Hiyori manages to avoid them until sunrise when they disappear. Nora then corners her and tells her a new threat Rabō has arrived who will kill anyone and he has come for Yato. Nora says Yato has become weak because of Hiyori and she then erases her memory of Yato.

Abandoned God

The episode begins with a flashback of Rabō and Yato slaying several men, working side by side. It then shifts to the present as Rabō kills several people. Nora spots a passerby who happens to witness it and the two silence him. Yato and Yukine meet up with Hiyori who strangely enough has no memory of Yato and only Yato. They go back to Kofuku's place and Yukine assures him that it is most likely temporary amnesia and she will remember him soon, but Yato remains unconvinced. He takes Hiyori and Yukine on a tour of the cross street where she pushed him out of the way from getting hit by a car and became a spirit, and also draws a picture of the cat they saved but she remembers nothing. He then suggests they go to bed together like when he snuck into her bed in the hospital but she misunderstands and throws him in the bushes. He then goes home and tries to come up with other ideas but makes a big mess of the papers who throws away. Hiyori wonders who Yato is and why he is so fixated on her. They head to her house with art supplies they bought to make a picture show to have her remember them (he bought it using his five yen savings). Nora then comes and shows them a marble which is Hiyori's remembers of him. She says Hiyori has no need for memories of far shore people like them because humans are prone to forget him no matter what wishes he fulfills and he has been hurt often as a result.

Yukine warns Yato not to listen to her and Rabō arrives to challenge Yato. Rabō questions what has happened to Yato, since he was much stronger in the past and tells him to remember, but Yukine snaps him out of it. Numerous Ayakashi begin spreading everywhere which Bishamonten and Tenjin take notice of. Rabō stops fighting him and says he is disappointed. Nora then tells Yato that if he defeats Rabō they will return Hiyori's memory and they leave. Kazua goes to Kofuku's to ask about the recent vents and increased Ayakashi and Daikoku confirms with him that they have nothing to do with it and that it was the work of Rabō. Kazuma explains Rabō was a god of calamity well known in the past as Yato visits Tenjin's shrine who explains Rabō was once human and served as a herald ( a middleman who sneaks into enemy territory to conduct dirty work) and he was killed after his wrok was done to ensure his silence. People who feared he would curse them deified him and made him a god of calamity who fullfills bad wishes like eliminating people that are hated. He has killed humans, regalia, Ayakashi and even Gods.

Kazuma said it is possible Rabō once fought alongside Yato in the past. They then reveal to Yukine that Yato is a God of Calamity, but Hiyori already knows since they told her in episode 4. Yukine decides to get Hiyori's memory back, but Tenjin says this is for the best since she should focus on her world and live her life, and it will solve her problem of being half Ayakashi. Yato decides to leave Hiyori as she is, much to Yukine's protest. Rabō and Nora come up with a plan to lure out Yato while Yukine is angry that Yato no longer wants to interfere with Hiyori. Hiyori realizes she does know Yato but can't remember him. Yukine calls Hiyori and does a picture show to try and get her to remember, to no avail but she keeps the picture show. Yato meets up with Nora who says Hiyori's memory is fading and as Yukine talks to Hiyori she forgets him, causing him to run away and blight Yato. Nora explains Hiyori's memory is fading bit by bit and if he doesn't visit her and Rabō she will become an empty shell. Yato meets with Yukine who cries about being forgotten, and the two decide to fight against Rabō to get her memory back, despite the fact Yukine could be broken and Yato will fall into their hands.The two meet up with Hiyori and say they will get her memories back. She still doesn't recognize them but cries and as they leave comes with them as a half spirit.

Scrap of a Memory

Yato and Yukine head into the mountains. Rabō looks back to how his shrine has dilapidated since people have stopped visiting it and don't ask for vile wishes anymore.He awaits Yato's arrival, who comes with Yukine and Hiyori. Nora calls Hiyori an eyesore and Yato warns her to stay back. Yato comes at him with Yukine and Rabō uses Nora in the fight. Rabō proves too strong and entraps Yato in a bubble of water. Rabō is unsatisfied as he claims Yato has not returned but Hiyori saves him though Yato tells her to run. Rabō returns to fight again and continues asking where the true god of calamity Yato is. Rabō decides it is Hiyori's fault he has changed and attacks he, to Nora's delight. Yato throws Sekki at him and runs with Hiyori while summoning Yukine back to him. A massive storm falls over the city with several Shinki everywhere, with Bishamonten doing her best to kill them. Bishamonten questions Kazuma where the Ayakashi are coming from and he says they come from a tempestuous god of calamity.

Yato decides to send Yukine and Hiyori away while he distracts Rabō but Rabō catches up to them and holds Hiyori's memories, throwing them into the river and slicing the ball to pieces. Yato runs back to Hiyori who falls unconscious. Yato takes her away to a safe place and Rabō tells Yato to leave her but Yato angered at what he has done, summons Yukine and fights him once more, much to Rabō'sdelight as his hatred makes him into the Yato he once knew. Yato suprises Rabō by easily attacking him and kicking him across the river. Rabō, excited over the prospect, fights him once more using Nora, worrying Yukine who sees Yato changing. Yato manages to corner him, and Rabō remembers the past when he and Yato slay thousands together as Gods of calamity, fierce dieties who fullfill vile requests and fill the far shore with blood. Rabō erects a water barrier and absorb a storm of Ayakashi through his left eye, augmenting his power and corrupting him so he can fight with Yato to the death. One of Rabō's attacks cause rubble to fall everywhere, hitting Hiyori in the process.

Yato saves Hiyori but is injured in the process. Hiyori's consciousness sinks into water and she begins to lsoe herself but begins to remember Yato and herself after smelling him. She hits Yato after he hugs her too much, surprising Nora and Rabō, much to Nora's anger. Rabō grabs Hiyori with a water whip and holds her hostage, angry that Yato has not returned to his old self. Yato is annoyed about how much Rabō brings up the past, angering Rabō who decides to kill Hiyori. Yato tells Yukine to hit Rabō. Yukine is concerned they will hit Hiyori but Yato assures Yukine that Rabō has merged with a ton of Ayakashis and to draw a border to determine who will and won't be killed. Yato severs the rope around Rabō's tree, effectively landing a severe blow on him as a Ayakashi, allowing Hiyori to run away. Yato lands a final blow on him, revealing he lived through a curse.Rabō explains no matter how many wishses he grants, people fear, loathe and forget calamity og Gods. He awoke from a 500 year slumber and wished to be slain by someone he knew rather than by people who didn't know. Rabō dies, but tells Yato he shares the same fate. Yato silently disputes this as Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori return home. Hiyori promises to be with them forever, and he accepts in exchange for five yen. Nora deems the events a failure and says she will report to Father.

Noragami Aragoto

Bearing a Post Humous Name

Bishamonten has a nightmare about her past involving how Yato killed off all of her Shinki in the past with the exception of Kazuma, fueling her revenge today.Yato and Yukine go on a job with Hiyori to take care of a baby. Hoewver, they are soon attacked by an Ayakashi. Yato realizes the Ayakashi is the result of the baby's loneliness and the baby reaching out to its reflection for company and has Yukine cut the shadow in half. The three of them then go back to Kofuku's home, where Hiyori tutors and teaches Yukine. She determines him to be about a year younger than her, having most likely died in his second year of middle school. Yato tells them not to worry because soon he will hit it big now that he has a nwe good luck charm until Hiyori points out it is a plastic riff off and he reveals he bought a good luck charm worth 20000 yen causing both Hiyori and Yukine to beat him. Later, as the two wander around town, they hide from Bishamonten. Yukine wonders how long they will have to run from her, but Yato doesn't answer. Bishamonten doesn't notice them but instead a Shinki who is being attacked by Ayakashi. KAzuma tells her to leave her since she has too many Shinki already, but Bishamonten says she can't because she already failed to save her once. She rescues the Shinki, uses Akiha the knife to remove the impurities in her body, and takes her to the palace where she names her Mineha. Later Yukine wanders around the twon and becomes depressed that no one has noticed him. As he sulks, a boy named Suzuha comes up and talks to him, introducing him as a fellow Shinki. This makes Yukine happy as he can now make a friend, until he learns Suzuha is one of Bishamonten's Shinki. Bishamonten begins to feel ill from adding another Shinki and Kazuma worries for her, but she tells him she is alright. After he leaves, Kuguha, her Shinki doctor, arrives and tells her about a rumor of kazuma helping with Yato's ablution but she laughs it off as just a rumor. Hiyori leaves Yato and promises to come tomorrow and that she won't leave him alone until she fixes his body, causing him to worry a little for the future ahead.

One of Her Memories

Kuguha meets with Nora while he goes to find roots tomake medicine and tells Nora he thinks Yato will be useful. Meanwhile Yukine has something important to tell Yato: he has made a new friend. Yato tells this to Tenjin who says Yukine is becoming a fine man despite hacing Yato for a master. Tenjin gives a job to Yato involving killing some Ayakashi and after they are done he rushes to see Suzuha. Yukine becomes friends with Bishamonten's Shinki, Suzuha since Suzuha is unaware Yato is Bishamonten's enemy. He helps Suzuha plant some flowers and tend to an old cherry blossom sakura tree. While taking care of the plants and trees, Yukine talks to Suzuha about his God Yato is annoying and always takes his money, prompting Suzuha to happily laugh, saying the two have a great relationship, much to Yukine's annoyance and confusion. Suzuha then says he has not spoken to his God for decades and then proceeds to talk about his friend Tomoko. Tomoko was a young girl that often visited the area every summer to see her grandmother and every year they would bump into each other. While Suzuha would remember her, she would always forget him. One summer she promised to see the cherry blossoms on the cherry blossom tree bloom, but she never came again. He continued taking care of the tree hoping that even if she couldn't remember him she would remember the tree.

This causes Yukine to confide in Yato that he wonders if Hiyori will forget them. Later, while Suzuha is alone, Kuguha comes and tells him how he is so pitiful because he is abandoned both by tomoko and Bishamonten and sicks Ayakashi on him, killing him in the process. The next day, Yukine goes on a picnic with Hiyori to introduce her to Suzuha. They wait but Suzuha never comes and they notice Yato hiding in the bushes spying on them, prompting Hiyori to throw him in the river. Bishamonten realizes Suzuha has died and asks his friends if they know what has happened to them, but they smile and say they haven't so they don't blight her, despite not knowing where he is and being worried themselves. She then sees Tsuguha's hair cut short and asked what happened but she says nothing, when it was Aiha who did it out of spite of Tsuguha usurping her position as Bishamonten's battle clothing. Kazuma notices Bishamonten's medicine intake has increased along with being blighted and arranges a secret meeting to see who has blighted her but everyone including Kuguha comes clean. Later Bishamonten awakes and shows she is clean, relieving everyone. Kuguha meets Yato at the middle of the night and attacks him with Ayakashi, but even unarmored the Ayakashi are no match for Yato who proceeds to beat Kuguha. He tells Yato he has a strong bond to the Near shore despite having no shrine and to not die before they meet again, prompting Yato to yell that he won't be forgotten as long as someone remembers him, prompting him to think of Hiyori.

False Bond

It is revealed Aiha is the one who blighted Bishamonten previously and she was given medicine by Kuguha to hide it.Later, Yato spies on Hiyori to ensure her safety, but she tells him not to since she will visit everyday and promises not to forget him, causing him to ask how much of what she says is true. Kazuma speaks to Kuguha who reveals Bishamonenten is not feeling well because Suzuha died, causing Kazuma to doubt his ability as her exemplar since he didn't take notice of Suzuha's death. Tsuguha later tells Bishamonten he saw Suzuha and Yukine together, shocking her. Yato suggests Yukine stop going to see Suzuha all together. Yukine refuses and distracts Yato with a snack while Yukine goes to meet his friend. Instead, he sees Kazuma and some flowers and questions him on what has happened. As Kazuma leaves, Yukine grabs onto him, inadvertently going to Bishamonten's palace. There Bishamonten sees Kazuma conversing with Yukine. Yukine begs Bishamonten to tell him what happened to Suzuha and Kazuma reveals he was killed by Ayakashi.

Yukine then calls Bishamonten a failure as a God since she couldn't protect her own Shinki and living as her Shinki must be hell. This causes her children Shinki to cry, blighting her as a result. She proceeds to ask Kazuma if what she heard was true about Kazuma helping Yato with his ablution, saving him. She shoots Yukine and Kazuma draws a borderline against her, protecting Yukine. In a fit of rage, Bishamonten exiles him. While Kuguha watches from above, he is delighted things are going according to plan, even if Kazuma wasn't revoked. Everyone is depressed about Kazuma's exile and while Tsuguha tries to cheer them up saying he only navigated, it is revealed he was their backbone as he controlled their output, what got killed and not killed, and directed their movements and without him their powers are uncontrollable and unpredictable. Kazuma finds a safe haven with Kofuku and Daikoku. They talk about how Suzuha was murdered and Yato implies someone from the outside murdered him. He walks Hiyori home and the two are ambushed by Aiha using a stick imbued with dark magic, but Yato easily overpowers her. While he is distracted, Kuguha kidnaps Hiyori. Kazuma tries to intervene but fails as Kuguha cannot be bound as he is revealed to be a stray and he easily knocks Kazuma out. Yato returns only to find Hiyori's unconscious body.


Kuguha has kidnapped both Hiyori and Kazuma and placed them in a sacred imprisonment, preventing either from leaving. Yato has taken Hiyori's body to her family's hospital, where they pray to God to help Hiyori recover. Yato, clearly angered, goes to Kofuku's house where he alerts Yukine to what has occurred. Yato and Yukine decide to go to save Hiyori. Daikoku tries to stop them to no avail. Kofuku tells Daikoku to bet on Yato while she bets on Bishamonten so she loses since Kofuku is bad luck and if she bets on Bishamonten she will lose. She doesn't want to help because she knows if she does it would only cause bad luck and possibly thousands of people to die. Yato and Yukine storm Bishamonten's palace and engage in battle with Bishamonten.

Meanwhile, Kazuma and Hiyori try to escape their imprisonment to no avail. Kazuma then reveals to Hiyori that he was the one to beg Yato to kill the Ma-clan because of corruption within the clan. One day, one of the Shinki blighted Bishamonten but they could not find the culprit, causing her condition to worsen. The shinki began to fight over who blighted her, attacking and killing each other as a result. Kazuma, wanting to save Bishamonten, had heard of a God of Calamity and runs to Yato, begging him to kill his clan.Yato, moved by Kazuma's devotion, uses Nora to kill all of Bishamonten's Shinki. During the battle, three of her Shinki put a barrier around him, separating him from Yukine and leaving him vulnerable to attacks. Yukine, however, steps in to block Bishamonten's attack, being sliced in half in the process; devastating Yato.

Divine Acclamation

Yato mourns Yukine's sacrifice and as Bishamonten is about to land the finishing blow, Yato realizes Yukine's name hasn't faded and resummons Sekki, now two katana stronger than ever. He is able to hold his own against Bishamonten who begins to suffer from blight through Aiha while Kuguha sicks Ayakashi on his fellow Shinki to cause Bishamoten pain while also getting rid of them. He reveals to Aiha that he is doing this because he got sick of this place as Bishamonten is not the God of War she should be and that he will kill her to reincarnate her and be her new exemplar. Aiha, guilty over what she has done, takes Kuraha to releases Hiyori and Kazuma and tells them to save Bishamonten. They arrive in time to tell Yato the truth, but Bishamonten refuses to back down. Kazuma pushes Yato out of the way, taking the blow instead and confessing to Bishamonten that he was the one who told Yato to kill all of the ma clan to save her, causing her to break down and cry. She releases her battle Shinki, who have also suffered from blight due to being in contact with Bishamonten.

What Must be Done

As Bishamonten mourns the loss of several of her Shinki, Yato calls Kuguha out. Kuguha claims what he did was for Bishamonten's sake as she was no longer the God of war she was supposed to be and started naming several "junk" Shinki while pretending to have a big family while hiding under smiles and how she brought everything including the death of her Shinki on herself and that no one would follow her. Yato, annoyed with his words, chops off his hand, prompting Kuguha to back off. Angered by the loss of his hand, he sends an Ayakashi to attack Yato, all the while taunting Yato as useless and a worthless God of Calamity. Yato is not affected and dispatches the Ayakashi, and proceeds to kill Kuguha.

However, Bishamonten gets in between them. She talks to Kuguha about his feelings and if he felt what he did was right. He says he did everything for her sake and is not lying, as Bishamonten wasn't stung. Bishamonten says it may very be well her fault and looks back a when she first named Kuguha before finally releasing his name and sending him to the near shore. Bishamonten then proceeds to kill all the Ayakashi Kuguha sent around her palace. Yato decides to kill the Ayakashi as well but Hiyori says they should go home. Bishamonten finds her remaining Shinki in a well cornered by an Ayakashi and summons one of her Shinki, a rusty sword stick, to help her kill the Ayakashi. Kazuma thinks back to the past and how he has made the mistake twice. He awakens and asks Bishamonten to release him as her exemplar as he has failed her twice, but she tells him it is alright to make mistakes since he is a human and she still wants him by her side and releases him of exile.

How to Worship a God

Yato, Yukine and Hiyori return back to Tenjin's temple on Earth with everyone crying and happy they are okay, including Tenjin, his Shinki, Kofuku, and Daikoku. Yato then begins to brag about how Yukine has become a blessed regalia much to everyone's shock and surprise (lamenting how hard he worked for a master like Yato) and to Tenjin's jealousy. As Hiyori is about to leave to go to school, Tenjin stops her and asks Yato to keep his end of the bargain. As it turns out, in exchange for allowing Yato to go to the heavens, he had Yato promise two things: (1) he would not mention it was Tenjin who sent him there and (2) he would cut off Hiyori's ties to the far shore since she is a human and shouldn't be further involved with them. Yato nearly severs their ties until Hiyori stops them, saying she wants to be with them. Moved, Yato begins to stalk and chase after her, much to her annoyance. causing her to ignore him. Bishamonten is then summoned to a meeting of the Gods due to the incident at her manor, and the gods reprimand her for releasing Kuguha and causing all that destruction just to hunt down a nameless God. She later meets up with the other Gods of Fortune. Yato is met by Ebisu, one of the Gods of Fortune and is offered a huge amount of money for Yukine. Yukine is angered by Yato's hesitance and drooling over the money before he himself becomes tempted. This causes Ebisu's regalia to reprimand him, saying he is Yato's guidepost since he is the only Shinki and that he must conduct himself in a manner that won't sting his master, including letting go of worldly wealth and possessions since he is dead. Ebisu then gives him some money to build himself a shrine. Hiyori meets with them, annoyed by his pestering of her joining a Yato club and she suspects he stole all the money but he chastises her for thinking that. He says Yukine is wavering. Daikoku explains that all examplars have different ways of guiding their masters, as he is there to take care of Kofuku's reincarnations, Kazuma protects Bishamonten's current self, and Iwami passes on Ebisu's wish to his next incarnation and asks Yukine how he will protect Yato. Later they get a call but Yato doesn't want to do the job since the customer sounds suspicious. Yukine chastises him for this and forces him to take the job, which involves helping a high school student and his mother get their money back from a con artist. Yukine laments to Yato how he should raise the price but Yato says he wants followers not money.

Yato says if Yukine wants he can leave for Ebisu before Yukine bites back, saying Yato didn't let go of Nora because she was a backup and refers to how half hearted he is.The two find the con artist and try to kill the Ayakashi infesting him, but it is too small. Realizing the Ayakashi is attracted to money, Yukine goes back and grabs all the money Ebisu gave them in order to lure the Ayakashi out. He realizes as the exemplar he shouldn't chase after money and worldly possessions since he is dead and how he would improve himself so Nora wouldn't be Yato's exemplar. He then becomes angered when Yato tries to save some of the money in order to build a shrine, which is his dream. He tells Yato as his exemplar to trhow the money away, which Yato reluctantly complies. They slay the Ayakashi, but Yato falls under depression not because of loing the money but because of the fact that he has no shrine. Hiyori comes in with a mini handmade shrine, causing Yato to cry as his dream has finally been realized. Meanwhile, Ebisu is seen with several masks and contemplates on how Yato wouldn't let go of his blessed vessel.

God of Calamity

Ebisu tries to control Ayakashi with the masks but ends up being blighted. Meanwhile Yato remains in high spirits following Hiyori around as he reveals he got his shrine approved by the heavens as he visited their office every day just before closing time until they approved, causing Yukine and Hiyori to lament on how lax the government system is. He also reveals several other perks with being an official God which is attending god meetings (or colloquies) anonymously, sell official merchandise without being in trouble, has a (super small) plot of land, and can go to and from heaven through the shrine. He thanks Hiyori, who blushes and he and Yukine go to the heavens. Yato meets with the other Gods while Yukine goes to Bishamonten's palace to request training from Kazuma which Bishamonten allows. Meanwhile, Hiyori talks to her friends and later is thanked by Manabu Ogiwara for helping him with his bullying issues in episode 8 while saying how she was the one to give him the knife and choice to confront his foes, and Hiyori tells him it was Yato who helped, before Manabu says he doesn't know who Yato is. He almost confesses to Hiyori before running away.

Hiyori goes to Kofuku, who explains Yato is often forgotten, which is why he is so happy to receive a shrine and that when a God is forgotten they die. Hiyori worries until Daikoku reassures her that he has lived thousands of years which means there are people who must believe in him. Kazuma begins teaches Yukine about how to paralyze his victims using Bind by saying their names and believing himself to be superior. Kazuma comically draws on Yukine's face every time he is too slow, leaving his face darkened. Yato, while drunk, mentions his childhood to the surprise of the others. He receives the call in the middle of the night and leaves Yukine to meet with Nora, where he resumes his work as a God of calamity, fulfilling people's darkest wishes to have someone killed. One of his first wishes is by a mother who wants him to kill the criminal who murdered her daughter. He does so by cutting only his insides. He tries to tell Nora he doesn't want to do this, before she tells him it is his fault she is a Nora and sends Ayakashi to attack him as punishment, blighting him severely in the process. He continues to kill for a month. Hiyori worries about him but Kofuku says that this is a common occurrence, and Yukine doesn't worry as it would blight Yato, but spitefully remarks he is most likely with Nora. Hiyori goes to Tenjin to find Yato, but he hasn't been there and Tenjin warns her not to get too close to the Far Shore. She almost trips and falls until caught by Father later. Meanwhile Bishamonten and Okukinishi visit Ebisu who is being blighted but Iwami politely asks them to leave to let Ebisu rest. Yato has spent a month killing and begins to go crazy upon the realization that since he is gone so long Hiyori might've forgotten him. He attacks the Ayakashi in order to leave, and Father appears saying he can leave if he does one final order: rescue a conjurer from the underworld, Izanami's domain.

Sound of a Thread Snapping

Yato heads for the underworld with Nora, who transforms into a water blade and puts a (useless) defensive barrier around him. Later, Yama announces she has invited her crush to Capypa land as a triple date with their friends and invites Hiyori and Ami, causing Hiyori to remember Yato but her memory begins to fade. Mayu tries to call out to her but Tenjin prevents her, saying Hiyori should live her life. Meanwhile, all the Gods are summoned to the heavens for an important meeting, with Kofuku kissing Okukinishi, which will surely bring misfortune to him later and Bishamonten talks to her. Kofuku asks if she knows where Yato is since she thought Yato would be at the meeting but can't find him. During this time, Yato is in the underworld and begins rubbing the water on himself to disguise his smell. Nora warns him not to look into the eyes of the Ayakashi as that will attract them to him. Nora then talks to him about the past, but Yato only thinks about returning to the surface. He is attacked by Ayakashi but manages to find the conjurer, who turns out to be Ebisu. Meanwhile, at the colloquy, the Gods have determined that Ebisu of the Seven God of Fortunes is a conjurer trying to control Ayakashis and order a search and kill on him, to Bishamoten's and Okukinishi's protests. Yato and Ebisu introduce themselves, and (humorously) Ebisu is protected by Yato as he continues to look at the Ayakashi.He tries to convince Ebisu to leave, but he says he has come to see Izanami for a locution brush in order to better control Ayakashi as his invocations are imperfect and while the idea of controlling Ayakashi with Ayakashis has merits, it continues to blight him.

Just then both Ebisu and Yato along with their Shinki are dragged to Izanami's home, where she takes on the appearance of Hiyori for Yato and the old tavern lady/owner of the Olive House (a favorite restaurant of Ebisu's). Ebisu explains that in order to lower people's guards she takes the form of the woman most comfortable to them. She tries to get them to eat food so they ill stay in the underworld but neither fall for it (Ebisu warned Yato of this). She then tries to seduce Yato but Nora snaps him back to his senses. Meanwhile, Hiyori, Yama and Ami are at their triple date with Fujisaki, Abe and Seki. Yama at first tries flirting with her crush Fujisaki but instead begins to fall for Abe upon learning they are both fans of the rock visual kei band Archfiends. Meanwhile, back in the underworld Ebisu tries to negotiate for the brush, which Izanami shows creates Ayakashi in the first place and states she created to have friends who wouldn't run away since everyone does when they see her true friend. Izanami becomes angered when she asks for a friend in exchange (meaning one of them stays there forever) but they both decline. She then has them fight and the loser stays with her, causing Ebisu and Yato to fight. The six have fun, but Hiyori begins to realize she is forgetting something important which is Yato but she can no longer properly remember him or Yukine, much to her sadness.

Kazuma continues practicing with Yukine, and is surprised at how Yukine has matured as he is not worrying about Yato and delving himself in training for fear of blighting Yato if he does worry. As Yato and Ebisu fight, Yato asks why Ebisu reincarnates so much and Ebisu explains controlling Ayakashi has killed his previous incarnations while Ebisu asks why Yato exists since he is a nameless god of calamity causing Yato to strike back saying he doesn't want to be forgotten and just fulfilled people's wishes to make them happy, causing Ebisu to envy his ability to care for his life and displays faith that Yato can become a God that makes others happy. Ebisu manages to gain the upper hand, with Nora siding with him and becoming a gun. Just as it seems Yato lost, Ebisu sneakily uses an Ayakashi to steal the brush, revealing he was only fighting Yato as a distraction while also revealing Nora also works for him. Ebisu says goodbye to Izanami, his mother, before he and Yato run away while Izanami, angered she will be alone, summons her beldams to bring them back. As Hiyori shops for souvenirs, she sees keychains and decides to buy three but begins to forget why she wanted to buy them. She begins to cry as she realizes she has forgotten something incredibly important, feeling empty inside as a result. The episode ends with Fujisaki kissing Hiyori as she is crying and they are watching the parade.

A Certain Desire

Hiyori runs away at the sight of Fujisaki, hurt at what he had done as she tries to wipe her lip to erase the memory of him kissing her. As she walks along the street she hears Yukine's voice who talks about how he has been training with Kazuma so he hasn't done the homework she assigned him but she initially can't see him. She slowly begins to remember him and hugs him, relieved her memories are back. She goes to Kofuku' place, where he explains Yato is still missing and Daikoku comes crying over how Kofuku hasn't appearaed which is strange since normally they try to send her away as soon as possible due to her bad luck. Yukine mentions how Kazuma has stated how all the Gods are currently stuck in heaven. Hiyori decides to go to search for Yato, realizing how little she truly knows of him and how she is no different for other people since she nearly forget him despite her promise to never forget.

Meanwhile, Yato and Ebisu are being chased by Izanami's beldams. Yato asks if Ebisu can't do anything about her since he is her son but he says she abandoned him so it meant he means nothing to her. She manages to capture Ebisu but Nora sacrifices two of his Shinki Tatsumi and Utami in order to help them escape, much to Ebisu's horror and Yato's disgust. Yato wonders why Father wants Ebisu to be saved and Ebisu gives Yato the locution brush, asking Yato to take it and Kunimi (his only Shinki with him left) to the outside world and meet up with Iwami since he feels he won't make it. Yato asks why he is so obsessed with being a conjurer, where Ebisu reveals his true reason is to control the Ayakashi since the world is filled with endless chaos and needless death and he believed by controlling Ayakashi he could make the world a better place for humans as he could prevent some of the damage of the Ayakashi.

Yato, moved by this, decides that he doesn't have the same drive as Ebisu and that he will save Ebisu not for his Father but because he himself wants to. The two are then caught by Izanami. Yato cuts down Izanami's damsel while telling Ebisu to run. Hiyori tries to search up Yato in the history books but can't find anything about him and begins to wonder if Yato has a different name. Kazuma goes to Tenjin and explains the heavens are in disorder after Ebisu was discovered to be a conjurer and how strange it is the heavens are doing something about it now since they normally disregarded Ebisu's reincarnations. He asks Mayu, a plum spirit, to communicate with the trees in order to find out what is going on in the Heavens. She is initially hesitant since it could put her master Tenjin in trouble until she realizes Kazuma is also worried for his master Bishamonten. She communicates with the trees, who say Ebisu is in the underworld along with a male god and female Shinki with a paper crown, which they deduce to be Yato and Nora, which Hiyori happens to overhear. Meanwhile Sentinels have locked up the six gods of Fortune with Oshi explaining it under the claim to ensure their safety while explaining Ebisu is being punished for being a conjurer after they brutally interrogated his Shinki, many of which turned out to be Nora and after investigating his estate and finding several Ayakashis and masks. Okukinishi is not satisfied and flies into a rage, becoming a monster spider and Kazuma has knocked out all the Sentinels except High Sentinel Oshi, who is dumbfounded. Hiyori and Yukine sneak off to find Yato. Yato continues to stall Izanami while Ebisu runs (who reminds Kunimi to remember for him to thank Yato for everything) and he follows the scent of salt water in the hopes of an exit but he ends up at a dead end. He remembers when he was younger how he was told by some heartless and insensitive Shinki how it didn't matter if he died because he would reincarnate, much to his horror. Hiyori and Yukine make it to the entrance but it has been sealed and can't be opened. Yato has been captured by Izanami but Ebisu decides to stay in Yato's place since he has been captured by Izanami's beldams. He orders Yato to take Kunimi and the brush to Iwami since Ebisu is going to die anyway. However, Yato tells him he is saving Ebisu not for Father but for Ebisu and instills in him the desire to live. Ebisu decides he wants to go back to eat a dinner at Olive House and Yato complies, the two running away. Yato suggests Ebisu use the brush to summon Ayakashi to open a vent to the outside but only Ebisu escapes, as Izanami drags Yato back by tying her hair around his foot.


Hiyori and Yukine notice the vent that opened, and follow it. However, Kuguha captures her and places bind on her. He nearly cuts off her hand to replace his own before Yukine comes to defend her. Yukine tries to bind Kuguha but can't since that is not his name anymore. Kuguha claims to have the upper hand, but Yukine tries to keep a cool head and fight him using borderlines. Kuguha manages to fight back and Hiyori shows surprise at how strong they are, causing Kuguha to laugh and say that he is weak despite being a blessed vessel. Kuguha rubs it in his face that Yato is with Nora and that Noras are stronger because they have more than one name and that is why people fear them. Hiyori encourages him, saying Yato cares for Yukine and that he is the one Yato has been waiting for, a loyal Shinki that is his and his alone, with his blessed vessel status as proof of his loyalty. Yukine then manages to create a borderline so powerful it sends Kuguha into the river. The two head back to the source of the vent. Yato is dragged back but is happy he saved Ebisu, much to Nora's confusion with Yato hoping Ebisu hasn't died. A flashback occurs with Ebisu reading through books about himself learning he has numerous names and how he is like a Nora while asking Iwami about who he really is. Iwami tells him about his past as Izanagi and Izanami's firstborn and how he was discarded before Ebisu wakes up and sees Bishamonten (equipped with Aiha and Kinuha), Kazuma, and Kuraha. Bishamonten asks why Yato is in the underworld, but Ebisu can only ask them to help Yato before passing out. Izanami tries to drag Yato to her but only grabs his shoe much to his anger.

Nora tends to Yato's wounds while they hide, pondering how she can stay calm during such a situation with her saying Father would help them. Yato thinks how she has never been fazed by anything ever since they were children and it is good she is with him instead of Yukine especially since he is so afraid of the dark but then calls himself scum for thinking such a thing. Yukine and Hiyori try to enter the vent to save Yato but Kofuku and Daikoku arrive, with Kofuku warning them they won't survive. Yukine offers his help to Bishamonten but Kofuku says doing so would make him a Nora. He then begs them to save Yato and Bishamoten assures him she will save him without risking Yukine's name as Yato's blessed vessel while Kuraha attends to Ebisu wounds. Bishamonten and her Shinki go to the underworld with help from Kofuku. Kofuku and Daikoku realize Izanami is trying to seal off all the exits as the vents they open keep closing. Bishamonten follows Izanami's hair trail and fights Izanami to save Yato, explaining she hated him because he saved her despite the fact he was a nameless God and that she hated herself for not being able to save her Shinki clan and that she is saving him to repay her debt to him as he now saved him twice. He calls her idiotic for risking her life and because she will reincarnate, before she tells him she won't reincarnate as she doesn't want to be replaced and they will all escape alive. As the others outside wait, Ebisu wakes and mentions the only way to save him requires for someone of the near shore.

Your Voice Calls Out

Takemikazuchi warns everyone to prepare to assassinate Ebisu while silencing anyone who questions Ebisu's motives and whether they shouldn't outright kill him. Bishamoten in the meantime is being held hostage by Izanami as her hairs are wrapped around Bishamoten's neck and could snap her head off. Izanami steals Kazuma away while she sends her bedlams to eat Bishamonten. Ebisu begins to explain to everyone outside that if a God is called by someone from the Near shore they can be summoned out of Izanami's underworld. Izanami tries to get Yato to eat but Yato manages to resist long enough for Kinuha the whip to rip away the bedlams from Bishamonten. However, Bishamonten is summoned away by Hiyori through a soul call. Yato realizes if his name is called he will b freed but realizes he can't escape because Yato is not his real name and since no one knows his real name no one can summon him through a soul call. Izanami tries to get him to eat and Yato thinks back to how he didn't tell them his real name because he was afraid if he did they would find out about his dark past and would despise him. The Heaven's Punishers arrive to kill Ebisu but Bishamonten defends him.

Ebisu summons Ayakashi to protect him from Heaven;s arrows and Bishamonten also offers her help in fighting the heavens. Hiyori continues calling Yato's name through soul calling while Kofuku and Daikoku continue opening vents to help Yato escape, to no effect. Yukine protects her while she continues calling his name, and realizes that his name is spelled similarly to Yaboku, discovering his true name and managing to summon him out of the underworld while leaving Nora behind, causing Izanami to cry that she is alone again. Bishamonten manages to defend Ebisu from Kiun allowing Ebisu, Yato, Hiyori and Yukine to escape. Yukine reprimands Yato for not trusting him and Yukine assures him that he will always be there for him. Yato soon joins in defending Ebisu from the Heaven's with Yukine, even managing to destroy their Pacification Ring which is so powerful that it is destroying the human realm, much to Ebisu's disgust and disapproval at the Heaven's actions. However, another pacification ring surrounds Ebisu.

The God of Fortune's Message

Yato is seen in Kazuma's clothes as he takes a newly reincarnated Ebisu to the Olive House to eat. The episode takes us back to Hiyori and Yukine sitting on a bench contemplating what has happened and Yato's current condition before seeing Yato sneak off with Ebisu but not recognizing him. They then see Kazuma and Bishamonten approach them, asking where Yato is as he escaped the hospital room they prepared for him, Ebisu is missing after he went to see Yato, and Kazuma's room is in a mess. Hiyori and Yukine realize it was Yato they saw with Ebisu and proceed to follow. Yato comically remarks that the meal is being paid for through Kazuma's wallet that he stole along with his suit. Hiyori and Yukine catch up to them and watch them from outside. They then begin to talk about Ebisu's previous incarnation as Yto flashbacks to when he triedto save Ebisu by cutting the pacification ring. Ebisu asks why they are at the Olive House in the first place and Yato says it was his previous incarnation's wish, prompting Ebisu to say Yato and he must've been good friends. Yato remembers how the pacification ring surrounded Ebisu and Ebisu explains how he reincarnated often before Yato interrupts, saying he only knew the previous Ebisu.

Ebisu begins eating and Yato tries to get him to remember, but fails. Ebisu talks about how when he was born he realized he existed and fell in love with the town and the hardworking people and how he wanted to help everyone by bringing them joy. He asks Yato if all gods are like that but he can't answer. Ebisu then asks if he was a bad person since the heavens killed him, but Yato vehemently denies this, yelling that he was a wonderful God that would lay his life on the line for others and the type of person he could never be. He then remembers how the heavens succeeded in using the pacification ring on Ebisu, severely weakening him and cheering. Yato comforts him in his final moments as Ebisu thinks back to how his heartless Shinki say it is okay for him to die since he will reincarnate before Yato appears in his flashback of his childhood and asks if that is what he really wants and what will happen to his memories and current self. Ebisu cries, saying he didn't want to die before he explodes. Yato in the current then cries, breaking down and apologizing to Ebisu. Ebisu later goes to Bishamonten's abode to ask her to help hide Iwami which she agrees to.

She, Tenjin, and Okukinishi then have a meeting where they discuss with Kunimi his new exemplar what Ebisu was trying to do with him explaining Eisu was trying to control Ayakashi to make the world a better place and the brush they went to the underworld to receive is gone but the heavens most likely don't have it. Daikoku worries for Yato since he hasn't been eating, but Kofuku assures him he will be alright since he has Yukine and Hiyori and the three are strong together. Yato then takes Yukine for a stroll with Hiyori following, and he explains his past of killing people but Yukine assures him it is in the past. Nora interrupts, annoyed she was abandoned but forgives Yato. Yato, however, has had enough and releases Nora with a flood of their childhood memories appearing before him. He then asks Yukine what he should do to change, but the two begin fighting Ayakashi and Yukine then assures him he doesn't need to change and that instead of killing people they would use their abilities to kill Ayakashi and slice chaos and disorder. Hiyori then claps her hands and prays for her wish of Yato becoming a God of Fortune to become true, causing Yato to blush. After the credits. Fujisaki is revealed to be Father and in possession of the locution brush Ebisu went through great lengths to receive, all the while watching Yato and snidely remarking how Yato is in a rebellious phase but that he cannot escape him.



Hiyori Iki

Hiyori and Yato are very close friends and throughout the series have gotten closer. Yato cares for her greatly, and when being told that cutting his ties with her could solve her problem, he is reluctant, but it appears he is willing to do it to help her, only for Hiyori to refuse. Despite the fact Yato should be helping Hiyori with her soul leaking issue, Hiyori also helps Yato out on more than one occasion. Romantic feelings have been hinted between the two, but mainly from Yato (both in the manga and anime). In the manga, it is also seen during his and Ebisu's encounter with Izanami that his image of Izanami is Hiyori, and Ebisu says that Izanami is seen differently by each person, taking the form of the person they are most comfortable with. Hiyori is also the one to save him from Izanami after saying his "real" name. After receiving his small shrine from Hiyori, there he vowed, albeit in a state of inebriation, that he will make Hiyori the happiest girl in the world.

In episode 12 of the anime, Hiyori wakes up, remembering all her memories of Yato, to find that Yato is on top her. Yato was shielding Hiyori from the rocks that almost crushed her "empty" body. Hiyori starts to remember Yato, she remembered Yato's smell that she quotes, "My favorite smell." She moves her arms to hug him as Yato becomes astonished as Hiyori opens her eyes to find that Yato is crying. She puts her hand on his cheek and smiles to him. Yato then hugs her joyfully rubbing his cheek on her's. Hiyori still dazed from the incident gets embarrassed and uses Jungle Savate on Yato. When Yato took her to Capyper Land, where previously Fujisaki kissed her, Hiyori didn't enjoy herself that much. When they were there, Yato carries out ludicrous and suggestive acts such as offering to buy her a souvenir lingerie set (even going as far as to guess her bra size). At the end of the parade Hiyori confesses that she wants to be with Yato a little longer. Yato answered Hiyori with a question, asking her how much of it he was supposed to believe and how much truth her words held.

Yato has done many things to show his affection towards Hiyori, like taking a lot of "precious" photos of her and up loading them at his sub account, and he also changed her phone's wallpaper to a picture of him, and asking about the boys she's acquainted with (all the while holding Sekki, claiming that "it's just a repellent", demonstrating Yato's jealous nature). Despite these unsettling gestures, Hiyori appreciates them and understands that he means well. When Hiyori was about to turn into a Ayakashi, Yato was the one who saved her, even injuring himself, which shows how much danger he would put himself in, all so Hiyori would be safe and well.

Kofuku also playfully tied his and Hiyori's plaques together in the matchmaking ceremony - so it's possible that their relationship develops into a romantic one. However, it's stated that any match Kofuku makes usually ends in misfortune and disaster, so this may be an indication of future hardships between them.


When first introduced, Yukine is rather cold towards Yato, and he seems to enjoy putting Yato down. As Yukine continues to sting Yato and cause problems for him, he refuses to get rid of Yukine and puts up with the pain, until Daikoku steps in to punish Yukine. Hiyori states that Yato is like a father to Yukine and that he had done so much for him, putting up with his sins and bl he didn't want to let him go, greatly affecting him. This may relate to how Yukine had his own issues with his father so the fact Yato acted like a father had a profound effect on him.

After this, Yukine becomes less cold towards Yato, showing more loyalty and care for his master. This was especially shown in the end of chapter 19 when Yukine sacrificed himself to save Yato from Bishamon, visibly traumatizing Yato but Yukine's sacrifice allowed him to become a blessed vessel, a rare honor only bestowed to the most loyal of Shinki willing to put their name on the line to protect their master. However, the two are still known to have small fights because of some misunderstandings that includes Nora and not telling about his real name. In the end, Yukine still lights the way up that Yato is able to become a God of Fortune instead of being a God of Calamity. Whenever Yukine feels depressed or horrible, Yato tells him to let it out and talk about it, showing Yato and Yukine share a strong bond that relies on talking to each other. When Yato went missing, Yukine didn't worry so as not to blight Yato but he felt annoyed and not trusted since Yato would still not let go of Nora, showing some level of tension between the two. Yato eventually alleviates these fears when he releases Nora. Yukine also shows that he is his guiding light, wanting Yato to become a God of Fortune with him. Yato was more than thankful and glad with the gesture.

Yato has also called Yukine his "one and only" Shinki as well as pride.


Although submitting her as a girlfriend in the beginning, Yato doesn't have any serious affairs with Kofuku. They seem to have deep friendship as they do know and trust each other for a long time. Kofuku is aware of Yato's past as a God of calamity and even tells Hiyori of this, but she herself doesn't seem to mind. Unlike Daikoku, Kofuku is never once seen angry with or hitting Yato and seems to get along with him fine. She is protective of him as her friend, as shown when she threatens Bishamonten both in the manga and in the anime to leave Yato alone or else be prepared for a storm. She also worried about Yato after he suffered blight from Yukine. Yato sees her as a valuable ally and tells Hiyori to go to them whenever they need help, showing he trusts her. However, despite this, he shows annoyance with her bad luck and will not hesitate to shoo her when she comes and brings bad luck for him on a job. Nonetheless, their mischievous personalities and understanding of each other's pasts allow the two to get along well as friends and as partners in crime. When Yato went missing, she didn't seem concerned as she said he did it often, showing the two have known each other a long time and understands him. Their relationship stems from when Yato once saved both Kofuku and Daikoku by cutting Daikoku's ties with his adopted son Daigo since their relationship was causing Kofuku blight as he couldn't bare lying to his son about why he didn't age.


He can be a little rough to Yato when laying a hand on Kofuku or when Yato is crashing over at their house. Sometimes calling him "Mom" by Yato and ordering him around, he is also a reliable person like when helping Yato to make two other Shinkis to attend Yukine's purification ceremony. He didn't hesitate despite knowing that the ceremony might fail. Also during the old times in Chapter 42, by the time Kofuku claimed another Shinki named "Daigo" meaning "to protect" which came from Daikoku to make him happy for having or raising his own son; nevertheless, he can't bear to lie in his so-called son about that the truth. So, Kofuku ended up releasing Daigo; thus making things worse, Daikoku ended up lighting Kofuku. Upon hearing a rumor from Kazuma, he approached the God and asked to sever his ties between him and his memories with Daigo. After Yato did so, Daikoku thanked him and said he would forever be in his favor. In reality, yato only pretended to cut off their ties and allowed the two to heal their hearts on their own. He has since become friends with them and while Daikoku is often annoyed with Yato and his antics, he truly cares for his wellbeing and vice versa.


Sakura was Yato's first true Shinki. Yato first met Sakura under a cherry blossom tree when she asked Yato to give her a name. Their short relationship was a happy and life-changing experience for Yato, which ended abruptly when she transformed into a Karma Ayakashi. Sakura showed the young Yato a different path of life than the one given by his father. Yato's "name", goal to become a God of Fortune and current personality is because of his time with Sakura. Overall, she could be seen to have served as a motherly figure for him. Yato still mourns her death every spring when the cherry blossom trees bloom.



Bishamonten has a hate for Yato and seeks revenge for Yato killing her Shinki's. She wants to kill him and has spent decades hunting him, always desiring to end him and anyone who happens to be acquainted with him. Her hatred of him drives her to be reckless and rash. However, after the truth behind the slaughter of the ma clan is made known to her, she lets go of her grudge against him though the two still have a rocky relationship. She later reveals that the cause of her hatred toward Yato is that such an unknown God like him saved her life twice and she feels guilty for not being able to save two of her Shinki clans. While the two still exchange barbs and punches with each other, the two are more civil and have even worked with each other like during the Ebisu arc where they tried and failed to save Ebisu from divine punishment. Some tensions reemerge when she learns Yato is related to the sorcerer that caused Tsuguha to remember her name but she has referred to him as one of her few allies in chapter 58, showing she still respects him and thinks of him as a possible comrade. In chapter 61 and 62, he goes so far as to talk back against the heavens in order to protect her, showing he does actually care for her as a friend despite their rivalry. He also understands she is trying to kill his father, but has decided it is better off he dies since he only causes destruction and he promises to protect Bishamonten. This causes her to smile, implying her resentment and mixed feelings towards Yato are finally beginning to subside and turning into admiration.


Kazuma sees Yato as his benefactor due to the fact that Kazuma requested Yato to kill of all of Bishamonten's Shinki (at the time known as the ma clan) to prevent her from being blighted by their fighting and corruption, sparking Bishamonten's vendetta against Yato. He even went so far as to help purify Yukine to save Yato, which got him temporarily exiled by Bishamonten. The two seem to get along as friends and colleagues, though this does not prevent Yato from spilling the beans about Kazuma's pictures of Bishamonten and how he supported Yato through the years. In turn, Kazuma at times pokes fun at Yato as shown when he claimed he would give him a cool new phone but in reality gave him a pigeon. In chapter 58, Yato refers to Kazuma as his benefactor for taking care of him over the years just as how Kazuma referred to him as his benefactor by killing the ma clan. Yato also defends Kazuma's attempt to forcefully solicit information from Yukine by saying he was only doing it to protect his master, Bishamon.


Mayu, or the name Yato gave her, Tomone, is Yato's previous Shinki before Yukine. She often complains about Yato and believes her current master is far superior. This was due to her hating the vagrant lifestyle she lived with Yato and how he didn't seem to want to help humans. Despite this, she does care for him as she risked her life to purify Yukine to save Yato.


Tenjin is the God of Academics and Yato, being poor, homeless, and without a shrine, sometimes sleeps in Tenjin's shrines. Tenjin likes to tease Yato and his way of living, often bragging about how much money and worshippers he has compared to Yato. Nonetheless, he does give Yato jobs which Yato claims are just jobs he doesn't want to do himself. He has also helped Yato on a few occasions, the most significant case being when he sent Yato to the heavens to rescue Hiyori despite the trouble he could get into because Yato was not yet a God recognized by the heavens.


Ebisu is one of the seven Gods of Fortune. The two first met when Ebisu asked Yato to sell Yukine to him because he was interested in Yukine as he was a blessed regalia, which are extremely rare. He told Yato he was also fine "sharing" Yukine, or in other words having Yukine become a stray. Yukine rejected the offer though. Afterwards, the two met once again when Nora told Yato that father wanted Yato to save Ebisu from the underworld. Yato was suspicious as he is aware that his father is not kind and would have alternative reasons for wanting to save Ebisu. Nonetheless, Yato complied. When he went underground he became Ebisu's bodyguard of sorts. There Ebisu told him that he believed Yato could be the kind of God that could bring happiness to other people while stating how it was good he could value his own life, unlike Ebisu who was taught that even if he died it didn't matter since he would reincarnate. Eventually, it was Yato who told him that it was important that he lived for himself and that even if he is reincarnated he will lose his current self and be replaced. This gave Ebisu the will to live as Yato decided to save Ebisu because he wanted to, not because his father told him so. Unfortunately, even when Yato manages to save Ebisu from the clutches of Izanami but the heavens killed Ebisu through "divine punishment".

While their time together was short, Ebisu's previous incarnation had an effect on Yato as he showed belief in Yato's belief to change and bring happiness to others, while Ebisu himself grew to realize his life truly mattered. When he is reincarnated, Yato is at first apprehensive of the new Ebisu and tells him to go away. However, he later takes Ebisu to the Olive Ken, a restaurant the previous Ebisu frequented and tells Ebisu that he was a brilliant, generous God that laid his life on the line for other people, something that he (Yato) could never hope to be, breaking down and apologizing for his actions. The two remain close throughout the series as the two meet frequently such as in Chapter 52 and Chapter 58 and are happy to see each other. Despite Ebisu's young age, Yato also confides some of his insecurities to Ebisu who in turn gives him advice and also tells him in Chapter 52 that his previous incarnation most likely doesn't hold a grudge at Yato for his death and that things would get better.



Yato is one of the many gods who have made Nora their Shinki, calling her Hiiro/Hiki only when necessary. They also have the same "father", whom Yato has served in his early years. It is not known if Yato is the first god to claim her as Shinki, but it shown in the manga that the two have long been together since Yato was still a child. They have killed many people and Shinki before, and Nora was also the Shinki Yato used in killing the "ma" clan of Shinki claimed by Bishamon. Even when he has Yukine, he still uses Nora, which causes some tension between the two. Nora claims to care for Yato but ultimately disregards his feelings and frequently toys with his mind by saying how he should cut ties with Yukine since she is more useful and how human bonds are weak and people will forget him. She has even sickened Ayakashi on him as a way of punishing him. Yato himself does not like working with her, which he is forced to do by Father but has little choice in the matter. He has even stated he much prefers working with Yukine. Later on, Yato finally releases her of being his Shinki.


Father is the one who gave birth to Yato through his wishes. He often ordered him and Nora to kill several humans and bring back their ears, which Yato was happy to do because Father praised him for his actions. Father seems to view Yato as a tool and does not care for his feelings, as he told Yato to tell Sakura the God's greatest secret to turn her into an Ayakashi and kill her, because she was changing Yato into a kinder person who began to think twice about his killing. Father has lived for several years through divine possession and it is through him that Yato is still alive because if a God is forgotten they die and Father is the only human who has been able to remember Yato for several years. Father enjoys teasing Yato as shown when he teased about kissing Hiyori much to Yato's chagrin. He also frequently gives Yato jobs to do which involve mass murder causing Yato to disappear for long periods of time, worrying his friends. He does not care for Yato's feelings and tries to sever his relations with other people as shown through his manipulation in the murder of Sakura and in threatening Hiyori and manipulating Ayakashi to attack her family's hospital, causing everyone to go on a rampage and bombarding her family with lawsuits. Yato wishes to be free of Father's control but fears that should he end Father's life that he himself will cease to exist. Yato despises his father for the way he uses him to kill people and fulfill his means but has no choice but to conceal his identity lest he lose his "lifeline". It is even shown in chapter 60 that he used to beat up and abuse Yato in the past but Yato is incapable of doing anything against him.


The two do not get along. Takemikazuchi was the one who murdered Ebisu so Yato is not happy at all to see him. Takemikazuchi loves to ridicule Yato and pretend he doesn't exist but is shown to be extremely jealous over the fact Yato has a blessed Shinki but not himself, especially since his lead Shinki Kiun is extremely hesistant with the idea of becoming one. He even humiliated Yato and Yukine by making them bow during the banquet which was something disgraceful for a God and his Shinki to do. He tried to spark a fight with Yato but Yukine erected a shield and proved to be superior. Takemikazuchi's desire for a blessed Shinki also comes from his role as a war God and his love for battles and disregard for people's lives, especially since he couldn't imagine how strong Kiun would be if he was a blessed Shinki since he is already one of the strongest Shinki of heaven but still lost to Kazuma who was only a nail in the beginning. He seems to want to make an enemy of Yato since he recognizes Yato as a powerful enemy and since in order to have a blessed Shinki one needs a powerful enemy. The fact that he is related to Nora and by extension Father further complicates and foreshadows the strong possibility of him being a powerful enemy in the future. This is later on proven true in chapter 61, when he orders Kiun to ignore the search for Bishamonten in order to fight Yato.


Like with Takemikazuchi, Yato does not like Kiun because he murdered Ebisu. This is made further evident in Chapter 57 when Kiun comes to ask if Yato is on heaven's side. Yato considers not because of what they did to Ebisu and despite wanting to be a God openly states how much doesn't like heaven and how he might even rebel against them including the main goddess. However, when Kiun tells Yato if he rejects that his status as a God will be removed and his shrine taken away and how he will be reduced to a cult leader Yato quickly changes his mind, much to Yukine's Hiyori's and Ebisu's annoyance. Despite this, it is evident the two still do not trust each other and Yato makes sure to keep his guard up with both Takemikazuchi and Kiun. It is clear he will be enemies with both of them in the near future.

File:Severing ties.png

Skills & Abilities

Rend (Zan): Using his Shinki, Yato is able to use this ability to exorcise and destroy Ayakashis. This ability is first seen when Yato uses Tomone to destroy the Ayakashi outside Mutsumi's school.

Master Swordsman: Since Yato is a God of War he is very skilled in the art of combat, such as swordsmanship.This is clearly proven when he has fought against Takemikazuchi (who is known for his amazing skills in combat), and won, as shown in chapter 67 of the manga.

Severance (Zetsu): Yato, using his Shinki, has the ability to sever the ties of people, be it with other humans, gods, or specific memories in general. It has been implied that he specializes in this ability.

Teleportation: This ability is used by Yato in order to get from job to job more quickly. He has also used this ability to reach Hiyori quickly when she calls him. Three notable examples of this ability are when she expresses her doubt of his godhood, when she claims to have found a Shinki for him, and when she calls during the attack on Iki General Hospital.

Divine Possession: Yato is capable of controlling human body by temporarilly substituting/taking over the soul. As possession is performed one could catch sight of two visual notable changes: the possessed person will have little golden crown sitting on his/her head and Yato's eyes.

Known Shinki

Given Name Vessel


Human Name Weapon Name Status Form
Hiiro Hi Hiiro Hiki Released Katana with a wooden hilt, the blade

of which can turn into water

Sakura Ou Sakura Ouki Deceased Kusungobu
Tomo Han Tomone Hanki Released Dagger
Yuki Setsu Yukine Sekki Current Katana with bandages as hilt

Katana and wakizashi set with

bandages as hilt (as a Blessed Regalia)

  • Unnamed male Shinki (status unclear), seen in flashback (anime) season 2 episode 8
  • Unnamed Shinki (status unclear), mentioned in chapter 63.5


  • It is revealed that Yato's real name is actually Yaboku (夜卜?). Yaboku contains the kanji Ya (夜) night) and Boku (卜) divination). Sakura mistakenly read 卜 as the katakana ト to because of the similarities, thus giving the well known alias name Yato.
  • His English theme song is "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds
  • Yato's expressions and portrayal often mimic that of a cat. His pupils are also shown as a slit much of the time, especially when he's angry.
  • His exact age is unknown, however historical references in flashback chapters date the earliest ones to the Heian era, which would make Yato at least 1000 years old.
  • He is shown to be a skilled tailor in both Shuuishuu and the main continuity. In Shuuishuu he gives Yukine a hand-made sweater and gives Hiyori a hand-made dress. In the main series, he works a loom to make formal attire for both himself and Yukine for Kamuhakari.
  • In episode 12, he has shown talent as an artist. This seems to be true in the manga, considering he did sell doujinshi in the past and was shown drawing a fairly accurate picture of Hiyori in chapter 53, albeit with wings and naked.
  • Both Tomone/Mayu and Yukine have complained about how sweaty Yato's hands are.
  • He is shown cross dressing in chapters 48 and 52.
  • His character song is Tsukiyo no Fune
  • Yato refers the thing around his neck as 'Fluffy Fluff Scarf'.
  • Yato seems to have Athazagoraphobia which is the fear of being forgotten, ignored, or replaced.
  • Yato seems to have a perverted side as shown when he drew a picture of Hiyori naked with wings in chapter 53 of the manga and when he groped Sakura in chapter 46 in the manga.
  • The name Yato uses, Yatogami roughly translates into Night Sword of God. Which means Yato's first name means Night Sword. Which goes hand and hand with his weapon of choice, a sword.
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