Yato ending of Season 1

Quotes said by Yato throughout the Anime.

Season One Quotes

"What do you offer when you petition a God? That's right, a 5 Yen Coin!" - Yato, Episode one

"I know things can get painful, but people should still appreciate what it means to be alive." - Yato, Episode three

"Yukine, once it has been corrupted and consumed by a phantom, a soul is utterly lost. It's exsistance can be nothing but a living hell." -Yato, Episode five

"Remember this: If you decide to fight, it's only fair to arm your oponent too. All it'll cost is your humanity." -Yato, Episode eight

"You've made a wish, and it's been heard loud and clear. Hiyori Iki, may our fates forever intertwine. -Yato, Episode 12 (last episode of season 1)

Season Two Quotes

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