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Yatagarasu (ヤタガラス) is the three-legged crow god. He is one of the gods summoned by Heaven to subjugate Bishamon.


Yatagarasu is a man of unknown age. He has straight, messy black hair which falls over his crow mask. He has two large pairs of black wings.


Yatagarasu has a level-headed, quiet personality. He also seems to have a more compassionate moral code concerning the subjugation of enemies, seeing as he considers certain methods overly cruel despite many other gods deeming it appropriate to use.[1]


He is first introduced while Shinatsuhiko organizes a sequence of attacks against Bishamon. Yatagarasu sends a flock of crows to pick at Bishamon's body and divine garments while she lies on the ground, injured.[2]

When Shinatsuhiko and Sakuya-bime, among other gods present, use Seize to trap Bishamon, Yatagarasu does not join in to assist. He expresses distaste for their use of the spell, deeming it an act of excessive brutality; he also complains that they had enacted the spell without proper warning, endangering him and their other comrades nearby. When Bishamon suddenly breaks out of the spell's hold, he is quick enough to dodge the resulting shockwave. This may suggest that his reflexes are faster or his observation skills are higher than other gods, since he was the only one shown to doge the effects of the spell.[1]

When Takemikazuchi appeals to Heaven's subjugation forces, Yatagarasu speculates on his intentions, questioning whether he simply wishes to save Bishamon's life.[3]

Abilities and Shinki

  • He has an unnamed shinki which appears to take the form of a three-pronged trident.
  • It is unknown whether the crows that he summons are a shinki or an ability specific to him as a crow god. It is worthy of note that the crows are seemingly capable of communicating with him.[1]