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Playing with Fire is the thirteenth volume of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was first released on April 17, 2015 with the English version released on April 19, 2016.


Hiyori knows Koto’s real identity, and she’s determined not to let him mess with her anymore. When he comes to pick on her again, she confronts him about Yato and refuses to back down. She’s not afraid of him, but incurring the wrath of Yato’s father comes with dire consequences.


Author Notes

One time when I was playing at a
shrine as a kid, I found a couple
of clay figures in the bushes.
They were the size of a ningyo-
yaki snack cake, and they were
of Daikoku-sama and Somebody-
Else-sama from the Seven Gods of
Fortune. They were all black with
soot. I was convinced that if I
found the other five, the Dragon
would appear and grant my wish,
so I searched like crazy. Just a
memory of my eccentricity.



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