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Divine Intervention for Sale is the first volume of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka, released on July 15, 2011 in Japan. The English version was released on September 2, 2014.


Yato is a homeless god. He doesn’t even have a shrine, not to mention worshippers! So to achieve his ambitious goals, he’s set up a service to help those in need (for a small fee), hoping he’ll eventually raise enough money to build himself the lavish temple of his dreams. Of course, he can’t afford to be picky, so Yato accepts all kinds of jobs, from finding lost kittens to helping a student overcome bullies at school.

List of Chapters

Volume Illustration

The first volume features Yato and Hiyori on the cover.

Author Notes

Hello, newcomers and second-timers. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'll do my best again!



Character Debuts

All characters listed below debuted in this volume.

Characters in Order of Apperance

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