Okay, so I've been going through the policies at the other wikias I work/admin at, and I've come up with a few to stick with.

    • Okay, so with Spoilers, I'm thinking they'll be allowed, seeing the Manga was first, therefore any spoilers on this wikia is fine, it's fine if it has been translated (fan or official translations) as long as a full chapter is translated, and that's where the information is from. The spoiler box we've been using doesn't need to be used unless it's information from an untranslated chapter.
    • Alright, so at most wikias I work at, it's all png files only, unless the file size is to big, then it's allowed to be a jpg, so I think with images, any pngs that are bigger than 5mb in size should be changed to a jpg image, as long as they're properly categorised and named. all images from episodes should be 1080p quality, so that images aren't constantly replaced. Images from the manga should be cleaned of text, so that they don't get confused with raw/translated pages. It just makes it easier, if it had text, use that text as the in an article. And for images of characters from the manga, make sure they're similar in shape to the episode images we've used. Fan Images are NOT allowed, unless they're personal pics, and they need to be sourced.
    • With articles, make sure they're consistant and similar, no differential layouts, we'll have to go over them.

that's all at this point in time, I'll update this regularly, give comments and feedbacks for what we should add to this.

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