Wraiyf Wraiyf 19 August 2014

Back from Hiatus

Okay, I'm back from Hiatus tomorrow, been busy with adminning other wikia's as well as RL issues to deal with. Will start on Episode 10 tomorrow and then update Manga and character profiles, it will probably take a while, hopefully I can get some of the other editors back soon.

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Wraiyf Wraiyf 10 April 2014

Policy Ideas

Okay, so I've been going through the policies at the other wikias I work/admin at, and I've come up with a few to stick with.

    • Okay, so with Spoilers, I'm thinking they'll be allowed, seeing the Manga was first, therefore any spoilers on this wikia is fine, it's fine if it has been translated (fan or official translations) as long as a full chapter is translated, and that's where the information is from. The spoiler box we've been using doesn't need to be used unless it's information from an untranslated chapter.
    • Alright, so at most wikias I work at, it's all png files only, unless the file size is to big, then it's allowed to be a jpg, so I think with images, any pngs that are bigger than 5mb in size should be changed to a jpg …
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