First entry here! I'm taking a break from writing articles (not really) to write about Noragami chapter 41 which came out last week! I'd say that this chapter is really funny even if you don't understand Japanese, mainly because a certain queen of bad luck hijacks the main trio's outing in the land of dreams! It will be told under spoiler tags so those who are yet to read the manga can read the manga first! Places to find the raws are either Raws @ Senmanga, or Noragami @ Raffmanga... wait, that one has translations. Whatever. Better read those.

Before that I want to say something. Apparently both phantoms and gods are born from human's wishes (and desires?), although they manifest in different ways: Phantoms are manifested when a person wishes for something in general, while a god is manifested when a person (or many) wishes for something while depending on a 'name', thus 'worshiping' this 'name'. Also, even a shinki can give 'birth' to a phantom. XDDD

On to the story!

Ch. 41: Issho ni Shashin wo - Let's Take Pictures Together!
After the quarrel between Yato and Hiyori (mainly due to the incident with Fujisaki-senpai in Capypa Land, although Hiyori didn't say it), Yato tried to cheer her up by collecting some money and asked her to play together with him and Yukine, only to be brought to the place she really HATED the most - CAPYPA LAND!! Hiyori showed the face of total fear (or disgust), but Yato was oblivious to her feelings because it was the first time he ever set foot on the Land of Dreams. (We all know that Yato is a big Capypa fan, right? And that he believes that Capypa really exists, right? Right? :3)

Before that, let's talk about Yato's money. Yato got that money from a part time job in a restaurant, and the shopkeeper was shocked that Yato called Yukine "his kid", making the shopkeeper wonder whether Yato was married, and that he had a son at a very young age! XDD Also, Yukine called Yato, "The God of (not) Good Luck", and Yato snapped by saying, "Don't add the (not)!"

Back to Capypa Land. Yukine was skeptical with all the La-La-Land and tried to damage Yato's impressions on the Capypa, but Hiyori successfully managed to stop him. But when a Capypa approached the trio and took pictures of them and patted Yukine's head, Yukine was enchanted by the Capypa's kindness and became as excited as Yato was! (lol) Unbeknownst to them, a certain queen of bad luck and her shinki also followed them, which would invite trouble and hell to the trio (especially Yato) afterwards.

Well, Kofuku followed the trio to Capypa Land and Daikoku tried to stop her, but Kofuku whined as they hadn't been on a date for 20 years. So reluctantly Daikoku agreed to date her. And you know about the possibility of Daikoku being a dad I wrote in his article? He met a lost little girl who accidentally called him, "Papa," and when Daikoku tried to talk with her, she suddenly looked around and found her papa and ran to him. Daikoku looked melancholic, poor him! *pats Daikoku's back*

Back to the main trio, with almost all of them excited (except Hiyori) they played loads of games - the cup ride, flying carpet, water taxi, roller coaster, whatever they are (I have never set foot in an amusement park so I don't know, sorry!) but they are all filled with accidents because of Kofuku! When Yato sped up in the cup ride, Kofuku's sudden appearance caused all the cup rides to crash into each other. When they rode on the flying carpet, the carpet LITERALLY flew because the chains connecting the carpet to the machine snapped. When they rode the water taxi, mechanical sharks suddenly appeared out of nowhere and freaked the visitors out! And wait, what's with the "Hiyori, will you marry me?" sign those two brought at the roller coaster?! And Yato DOES say, "Fuck!" in English!

The event reached its peak with Hiyori's most hated event, the light show parade. Hiyori remembered the horrible event with Fujisaki-senpai and screamed, startling Yato! So Yato and Hiyori caused quite a commotion because Yato wanted to know what happened, and asked whether Hiyori hated him. (Poor Yato!) Hiyori said that it wasn't Yato that she hated, but she was unable to say it so it became quite a lovers' quarrel! Yukine watched the two as he pretended not to know them (or rather, pretended to be part of the crowd), taking pictures of the quarrel! Yato, not knowing the real reason behind Hiyori's agitation kinda forced her to watch the parade together, but instantly regretted his actions when he saw Hiyori's sad face. So he consoled her by saying, "Let's go home," before Hiyori took his hands, apologized for her actions and told Yato that she wanted to be with him for some more.

Of course, somebody became jealous as Yato's sweaty hands held Hiyori's! Yukine became jealous and pissed and wished for Yato to "go to hell"! This "wish" of Yukine's manifested into a cockroach-like phantom, and this phantom approached Kofuku who was with Daikoku, and Kofuku became shocked and scared (because it's a cockroach, duh!) and summoned Kokki to smash it, and opened a Vent! So everything went out of whack, and pure-hearted, innocent Yato FINALLY learned the hard truth of the Capypas, which are really old men in costumes. A real hell, indeed.

Yato cried about it that night and decided to hate Capypas before Hiyori's cheers him up (using a Capypa Fairy plushie) and said that it was all a "test of courage". And when Hiyori looked back at all the pictures taken, she saw a picture Yukine captured where she claimed that she wanted to be with Yato for a little longer, and blushed furiously. But really, there's no picture of Kofuku and/or Daikoku there? Geez! (Note: Kofuku's pics, when captured, is really scary.)

That's it, I guess. Just wanted to talk about this. Hahahaha.

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