Ok so doing some general browsing on the wikia... well it's good but there are fragmented structures everywhere!! I've invited the users who have contributed "20 Times or More" to this blog (although anyone is welcome!) to discus the formats and styles of the page. Simply because this wiki is still new and so many different users have created there own formats. User:XDarkImpetusX suggested the idea for this blog.

Just a brief overview of what I wanted to discuss,..

-> Add a separate section in the character infobox for 'Shinki Names'. 
   --> Mayu's page looks very scruffy.
-> Character pages sections.
   --> Again, Mayu has a history whereas Yato has a Chronology (which discusses individual episodes)
   --> Abilities. Should there be a 'Shinki abilities' sub-section on a god's page, as well as their own ones?

-> Image Galleries
   --> Is there a way to make the categories of images appear in the galleries? (EG. show "Images of Yato" on the "Yato/Image Gallery" page) ((or changing the gallery pages into categories?))

I've seen other inconsistencies but can't remember what they are :3. Any ideas guys? It'd be better to iron this out before more fragments happen? Opinions? Worth the effort?

User:Animesuki ¦ User:CaptainPancakes ¦ User:Kamina09 ¦ User:Lynn zala ¦ User:Wraiyf ¦ User:XDarkImpetusX

EDIT: Ow of anyone else spots inconsistencies please post them here ^_^ (Daedalus net (talk) 03:34, April 1, 2014 (UTC))

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