Hi! My name is Lynn (not real name, meh, whatever). Like many others I'm a new fan of Noragami and learned about the manga existence through the anime. I'm currently teaching computers in my hometown, so feel free to take a guess on my age, te-he! ;P

I have watched Noragami anime and read almost all of the manga - scanlated and raws - except Shuuishuu. My understanding on Japanese language isn't very good compared to my sister who took real lessons, but I use three things to read the raw: Dictionaries, emotions and imaginations! I must say that even though there are lots of holes in the manga (why is Yukine's history so vague, damn it?! And why are gods so powerless against a shinki when they're supposed to be superior?!), Noragami has a very interesting story! Intense fights! Yato cries again! Matured Yukine! Annoying Nora! Perverted Kazuma! Hiyori nearly lost her memories! "Father" actually goes to school! "Yato" is a fake name! All the feels of love and joy and sadness and hate! (Yes I spoil many things in here, you can ask me if you want to know. But I can't guarantee I can explain them properly!)

My favorite characters

I dislike Nora, but the one I hate the most is Kugaha. Nora is like a double-edged sword who can change sides in an instant so she's an interesting character despite her bad personality, but Kugaha is really annoying. Whoops, I forgot Kugaha is a manga-only character hahahaha!

Contact me?

I'm currently only reachable through this wiki. I rarely check my emails and everything social-related, so you'd have better luck reaching me here. ;)

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