Noragami Wiki

Hello! My name is KuuneruTokoro.

After watching the first season of the Noragami anime back when its episode were still released weekly, I've started following the manga series (I think it's been about 2 years now 0_0).

I've used wikias as sources of info for all kinds of content I'm following for a long time now, though I don't have that much experience in contributing myself.

I was happy to see there are still all kinds of things I could add to this wiki from my knowledge of the series, so I hope I could have the chance to be helpful.

After watching anime for quiet some time, as well as following upcoming video games, I got somewhat of a grasp of the Japanese language, as well as found reliable sources for info about kanji and the like, so that is also one field I think I could contribute on.

Since I didn't really know where to write some of my questions regarding the wikia in the forum section, I'd like to raise them here:

1) Regarding the way the three names every shinki has are to be referred to: From what I've seen, right now on most pages the "just kun-reading" name (like yuki) is referred to as the "real name" (I personally think "true name" sounds nicer but...), the "just on-reading" name as the "vessel name" and the "kun-reading + family kanji" as the "human name". What I'd like to know is whether what I just wrote is correct and if their was ever a decision to make sure the names are referred to in a uniform manner to begin with.

2) Regarding the kanji used in writing shinki names: Like the "shinki" page mentions, most of the shinki in the series are branded with names using obsolete variants of currently-used kanji, or just rarely used kanji in general. For some shinki, like Mayu, the variant used for the seal made by Tenjin does see some limited use nowadays, so it's possible to find it online in font and copy it into the page (as has been done). For others, however, finding the actual variant used for the seal in font could be very difficult (see Kazuha). In the original Japanese text of the manga the shinki characters names are always written using the current version of the kanji they have on their body. Since the wiki does not seem to do the same, what I'm asking is whether this is intentional or just an oversight.

Example: In the manga Kazuha's name is written as 数巴. The page "shinki" shows his real name as 數, an archaic variant of the currently used 数 (meaning "number"). The actual character imprinted on Kazuha's body is an even older variant where the right section (夂 in the two aforementioned variants) is written as 攴. However, this variant is completely obsolete so it's not possible to find it written in Japanese typed text on the internet anywhere at all (it shouldn't even be encoded into any available Japanese fonts).