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Current Projects (updated 24-Feb/14)

  • Create all Character Image Gallery pages ¦ DONE
  • Create all episode "Screenshots" gallery pages ¦ Not started yet.
  • Upload all Character design sheets ¦ DONE
  • Implement all design images into character pages ¦ DONE
  • Implement all design images to character image gallery ¦ DONE
  • Create a page (or merge one) of the Opening Credits and Ending Credits ¦ In Progress

About Me

I'm a new fan of the ノラガミ Noragami series! I am 18-years-old and is currently working in a Chinese Restaurant. I studied level 3 Music Technology at college last year but got fed up with education, hence why I no longer study ;). In my spare time I do some projects involving artwork and and other stuff ^_^. If I'm not doing that, then I work on the Hunter x Hunter Wikia! I'm currently learning Japanese as well.

Noragami Wiki

As a new fan, I stumbled across this site and saw the low page count. Also the few users contributing to this wikia. So I think I'll try and help out here for a little while too! :D:D.

As a former sound engineer, I think I will start by trying to get some music pages on this wiki, such as the intro song, outro and the official soundtrack once it is released in a few months. (already pre-ordered it!) Noragami is such a good anime so far!! I'm currently ordering the manga as well.

Contact Me:

You can reach me at;