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Yukine Arc

Chapter 11: A Name Tsuyu stays with Tenjin, concerned, when he is distraught over Yato's condition during Yukine's purification ceremony.

Chapter 12: To Cut, or Not To Cut Tsuyu is at Tenjin's side when Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori arrive to thank them for Mayu's help. In a flashback, Tsuyu watches on grimly as Miyu goes through a purification ritual. She looks amused as Tenjin and Yato bicker with one another.

Bishamonten Arc

Chapter 24: Always Tsuyu is present at the picnic held underneath Suzuha's sakura tree. After Tenjin, Yato, and Bishamonten finish fighting, Tsuyu listens to the sakura tree. She tells Yukine that it says it had fun and that it thanked him.

Yomi Arc

Chapter 32: She Who Invites Kazuma arrives at Tenjin's shrine to request Tsuyu's help in gaining information about the whereabouts of the Seven Gods of Fortune. She is hesitant to help, because she worries that doing so would jeopardize Tenjin's safety by making him appear traitorous in Heaven's eyes. However, Tsuyu agrees because she can understand acting out of concern for one's master.

Mayu explains to Yukine that she is the spirit of a plum tree, which is why she is able to communicate with plants. Yukine is touched and relieved when he realizes that Tsuyu's message from Suzuha's sakura tree were the truth rather than false words of comfort.

She speaks to the trees, and determines that Ebisu, Yato, and Nora had entered the Underworld.

Chapter 33: Wielder of an Iron Will Tsuyu appears briefly in a flashback, when Hiyori is recalling her speaking to the trees.

Chapter 39: Until Now and From Now On Tsuyu and Tenjin watch Kazuma as he performs Resound on Saku. They question him about the Sorceror. She shows comfort to Tenjin when Saku stops offering information, only mumbling only his name in response to Kazuma's questions.

Sakura Arc

Chapter 43: Secrets When Hiyori starts to ask if Kiyoko Onodera is Mayu's daughter, Tsuyu sharply interrupts and silences her. She warms Hiyori that her careless question would endanger both Mayu and Yukine, informing her of the God's Greatest Secret.

Chapter 45: Transpired Transgressions Tsuyu discovers a child that has entered the room where Saku is being kept in Tenjin's shrine. She immediately realizes that it is a child possessed by a phantom, and demands that it leave at once. The phantom exits the child's body and jumps at Tsuyu; she is unable to defend herself using shinki techniques, but Mayu enters the room and protects them both using a borderline. Tsuyu holds the now-unconscious child while she demands that the masked phantom reveal who its master is.

She explains the situation to Tenjin off-screen. Later, she tells Tenjin that she is troubled by the phantom's last words: "Those who speak the true name shall be broken." She finds this very ominous, because they reminded her of Sakura, who had been touched by the God's Greatest Secret.

Chapter 47: Taboo After Yato uses Sakura to kill a human, she seeks advice from Tsuyu, who firstly helps her calm down. She explains that Tenjin had also murdered humans, as he was a violent spirit who became worshiped and deified to appease his anger. Despite this, Tenjin continued to harbor hatred toward humans. This would sadden Tsuyu, but she believed she should accept this as her master's true nature. She also chose to believe strongly in Tenjin's good qualities as well: the kindness he showed her, the peace that he felt with flowers, the way he was eager to meet expectations, and his pride.

She advises Sakura to have faith in Yato's good qualities as well, despite the burden of his violent nature. Tsuyu says that it's up to Sakura to teach Yato about the beauty of the world, and that it's up to her how his nature will manifest itself, as a blade can also be used to protect others. She scolds Sakura for leaving Yato defenseless while she was grieving something that shouldn't be grieved. Tsuyu notices Yato standing by the shrine's entrance, and remarks that he seems to be capable of compassion for those who serve him.

The Heaven Arc

Chapter 57: Where Loyalties Lie Kazuma asks Tsuyu for help in locating the Sorceror or Kugaha. She explains that she was appointed as Tenjin's guidepost because she is non-human; unlike her, humans and shinki are capable of betrayal and attempts to cover it up. Kazuma returns to the Ha-clan estate. As he passes by a potted tree in a hallway, he becomes fully aware that Tsuyu knows he killed Tsuguha, and she denied his request because she didn't want to become involved in something that was potentially scandalous.

Chapter 58: Messy Entanglements, Cross Signals As Tenjin's guidepost, Tsuyu is present at his side at Kamuhakari. Yato laments that he can't go talk to them because they're being mobbed by other shinki due to Tenjin's popularity.

Tsuyu partaking in the 1st round of the Covenant.

Chapter 71: Lives At Stake Tenjin requests a Covenant, meaning he must offer Tsuyu's life as a wager. He apologizes to her, but she accepts his choice with a smile, knowing that this is what he believes to be the right thing to do. She expresses that she's actually pleased with him, since it shows that he still has kindness in his heart. She seems to express gratitude that he recognized her spirit within the plum blossoms, allowing her to exist as she is now. Tenjin expresses that he almost wishes her spirit had remained hidden, as he would be happy just viewing her tree flower each spring.

Tsuyu then lines up with Mitsurugi for the ritual of the Covenant. She is beheaded by Amaterasu, to Tenjin's terror and despair.

Tsuyu revived after the Covenant.

Chapter 72: Not After the Covenant is completed, ruling in favor of the rebels, Tsuyu is revived by Amaterasu. She re-materializes in a breeze of plum blossoms, calling for Tenjin. He cries tears of happiness as they embrace one another.

The participants of the Covenant gather at Kofuku's house after they are pardoned. Tsuyu sits across from Tenjin, and he pours her a cup of sake while he emphasizes the importance of the guidepost.