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Tomoko (ともこ) is a past friend and love interest of Suzuha, Bishamon's shinki and Yukine's friend. She visited her grandmother every summer vacation, and would notice the flowers Suzuha tended to.


Tomoko has light skin, sharp teeth, and a slender build. She has black hair, which is cut in a bob around her face. Her eyes are a reddish brown color, and she is seen as a teenager wearing a blue and white striped tank top, a white sun hat, and has a pink bag over her shoulder.


Tomoko seems to be cheerful and silly, when referring to the doodle doo flower. She also seems to be kind, as how she compliments Suzuha's flowers.


When she and Suzuha first meet[1], Tomoko appears to be a young girl, around 7-9 years old. She compliments the flowers, and begins listing off the flower species. Suzuha is impressed by her knowledge, and asks her to name off another species. She identified it as a "doodle doo," then proceeds to put one on top of her head, and at the base of her chin, mimicking a rooster.

The next time she is shown, she looks to be around 11-12. She compliments the flowers once more, but does not remember Suzuha. He is distressed by this. She appears to be wearing a quite similar outfit to what she was wearing before.

When we see her again, she looks to be 14-15 years old; she is more matured, her appearance leaving Suzuha flustered. She again compliments the flowers without remembering Suzuha. Before she leaves that summer, she promises Suzuha that she would return to see the sakura tree in full bloom. However, she never comes back after that.

It is unknown whether Tomoko is still alive. However, the date she and Suzuha carved into the tree is August 27, 1982. This would make her around 44 years old at the present timeline.


  1. Chapter 14, Aragoto Episode 2; this is her first & last appearance in the series