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The Hospital Arc is the 5th canon arc of the ノラガミ Noragami series by Adachitoka. It spans chapters 49 to 54 of the manga. It has no anime adaptations.


Father takes action to try to distance Hiyori from Yato by staging an attack on the Iki General Hospital.

Story Impact

  • Father attacks Iki General Hospital through the use of ayakashi created by the Word.
    • Upon seeing her mother be gravely injured by a possessed patient, Hiyori draws near to the Far Shore and begins turning into an ayakashi.

Abilities & Terms Introduced

  • Hiyori Iki: In fits of extreme negative emotion, such as grief and anger, Hiyori may start turning into a full ayakashi.

Battles & Events

  • Attack on Iki General Hospital
  • Father & Chiki vs. Yato & Sekki

Character Debuts