Name: Tenjin
Kanji: 天神
Rōmaji: Tenjin
Other Name(s): Michizane [1]
Race: God
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: God Of Learning
Personal Status
Status: Alive
Manga Debut: Chapter 4
Anime Debut: Episode 3
Japanese Voice: Tooru Ookawa
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Tenjin (天神) is the God of Learning, he is one of the wealthiest gods, and one of his temple is where Yato frequently stays at during the night. He is also the new master of Mayu.


Tenjin's Anime Design

Tenjin appears to be a middle-aged man around his late 40's to 50's, with grey hair, when down, that is shoulder length and brown eyes. He is normally seen wearing a black priest's outfit.


Being the God of Teaching, he has values for those whom pray to him, diligence as well as hard work. However, he has a playful side, shown when he teases Yato with a 10,000¥ bill saying that he doesn't have any change, before throwing Yato a 5¥ coin; he can also be frivolous at times and may be prone to abandon a certain task, such as restrain Yato for abusing Hyori's body via posession, if girls nearby compliment about his appearance.

Unlike other lenient gods, such as Yato or Bishamonten, Tenjin is quick to exile any of his Shinki should they sting him. Also, like many other gods, excluding some exceptions such as Ebisu, Tenjin find Nora to be repulsive and would not take in as one of his Shinki unless, in Kugaha's case, he finds it vital in order to do so.


Sometime before appearing in the series, Tomone/Mayu appeared to him, asking him to make her one of his Shinki, which he did.

Tenjin summoned Yato to do a job for him, which was to exterminate some Ayakashi (Phantom), which had caused the deaths of people nearby the temple, even paying Yato upfront to make sure he would do the job.

Manga Spoilers
-Tenjin later appears to Hiyori during the New Years festival, talking to her about Yato and Yukine, commenting that Yukine appeared to him asking if he would take Yukine as a Shinki and later on allows Mayu to goto Yato's aid to help with the purification ritual. He is then seen when Yato appears at his temple to thank him, and ask advice on how to help Hiyori.

- It was revealed in Chapter 47: Taboo, Tenjin was a murderous spirit; he was the nature of Aramitama, the soul of aggression. Out of fear, people deified him in order to calm his spirit. However, even though he became a god, Tenjin still held strong superficial feelings for the human world and despised people, which resorted to murder. Although, it is shown that he rarely kills anymore (this was stated during the time Yato was young.)


Not much is known about Tenjins powers, other then he is able to control how people do in anything education related when prayed to, and to give them a nudge in the right direction to help them.


  • Tenjin is prone to making bad jokes, however he is constantly scolded for it by his Shinki
  • Tenjin is yet another character based on a real Shinto kami. Tenjin (天神) is the Shinto kami of scholarship, as his Noragami portrayal promotes. He is also heavily associated with luck with passing exams and so his shrines become a popular visit for high school students around those times. There are at least 14,000 Shinto shrines dedicated to Tenjin in Japan. Making him one of the most popular Kami gods in present times.
  • Ten (天) means sky and jin (神) means god or deity.


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