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Tatsumi ( (たつ) () Tatsumi?) is one of Ebisu's shinki who he brought into the Underworld.


Tatsumi appears to be a man in his early twenties, of smaller height and build. He has shaggy black hair and black eyes. Like most of Ebisu's shinki, he wears a black suit and dark green tie.

In his vessel form, it is unclear whether he takes the form of a black trench coat or a pair of white gloves. However, he and Utami made up these parts of Ebisu's wardrobe when he ventured into the Underworld.


Tatsumi is loyal to Ebisu.

Synopsis (Manga)

Yomi Arc

Volume 8

Chapter 30: The Sound of Thread Snapping

Utami is present as Ebisu's trench coat or gloves when he goes into the Underworld.

Volume 9

Chapter 33: Wielder of an Iron Will

Nora pulls him off of Ebisu's body when Izanami attempts to bind them with her hair. Doing so saves Ebisu, but results in Utami's death as he is eaten by the beldams of the Underworld.

Synopsis (Anime)

Yomi Arc

Season 2

Aragoto Episode 7

Utami is present in the background when Ebisu goes to offer Yato money to purchase Yukine.