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Takami (高弥) is one of Ebisu's stray shinki.


Takami is a man in his early twenties of average build with short, spiky black hair. His eye coloring is unknown but they appear to be of a lighter shade. Like most of Ebisu's other shinki, he wears a black suit and tie.

As a stray, Takami has at least two names. Both of these are located on the outside of his left forearm. The lower kanji mark is the one granted by Ebisu, 高 taka. The kanji mark directly below his elbow is one granted by another god.


Takami is a compassionate individual, reacting with horror at the harsh interrogation methods implemented by Heaven's Punishers.

He has also shown himself to value the safety of his fellow shinki over loyalty to his master. However, he does seem to highly value loyalty as well, since he was extremely guilty over this decision to the point that he stung Ebisu and tearfully apologized.


Takami is first introduced in chapter 31 as one of Ebisu's strays. Heaven's Punishers raid the Mi-clan residence in search of information about the whereabouts of Iwami and Ebisu, who they believe to be the sorceror. As such, the Punishers have child shinki utilize the Kagome song, entrapping most of the Mi-clan strays as well as a number of masked phantoms. Takami is the only one who is not placed inside the circle, meaning he receives the brunt of Oushi's interrogation.

He begs Oushi to dispel the song so that his fellows strays could use borderlines to protect themselves from the phantoms, and likens the situation to a death match. He expresses outrage that she considers this a game, and that she would force the children to partake in it. Other Mi-clan shinki urge Takami not to give up any information about their master, leaving him to watch on in horror as his clansmen are killed by phantoms. Oushi attempts to guilt trip him further by remarking that a shinki's death is intensely painful experience for a god. Indeed, Ebisu is shown falling to his knees, lamenting the loss of his shinki.

In chapter 33, it is revealed that Takami has confessed that Ebisu is in the Underworld. He tearfully apologizes, lowering his head and notably showing an eyeball sticking out through his hair, meaning that he has become impure and stung his master. His decision temporarily saves the lives of a few of his clansmen, who comfort him by saying that Ebisu would forgive him for his choice.

He is later mentioned by Oushi when she delivers the news of Ebisu's conviction to the remaining Seven Gods of Fortune. She does not use his name, but says that one of Ebisu's shinki admitted that he is in the Underworld.

Despite his cooperation, Takami is executed along with the other Mi-clan strays as part of Ebisu's punishment.

Anime Adaptation

The Kagome game is omitted in the anime. Instead, Takami is shown being held by two of Heaven's Punishers before having his sleeve pushed up, revealing that he is a stray. A Punisher then stated that Ebisu's shinki confessed everything under interrogation, but made no mention of Takami or the Kagome game.