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Shinatsuhiko (シナツヒコ) is the god of wind. He is one of the gods summoned to subjugate Bishamon and Father.


Shinatsuhiko is a young man of of slightly small stature, with pale-colored hair and eyes. His eyes are without pupils. His hair is parted in the center and pulled into a small bun at the base of his head. He has short, thick eyebrows of the same color as his hair.


Shinatsuhiko is loyal to Heaven. He seems to have strong leadership skills and experience in combat, commanding numerous other gods in Heaven's subjugation forces and organizing tactics against Bishamon. He becomes frustrated when others do not act to proper standards, such as disturbing the Near Shore. However, he is slightly childish in that he is a sore loser and wants to avoid responsibilities he may see as troublesome or especially strenuous, such as talking down Takemikazuchi during a battle.

He appears to have a friendly or comfortable relationship with Sakuya-bime, Yatagarasu, and Kagutsuchi. He cares deeply about his shinki, particularly his guidepost, who seems to have been with him for a long time.


Chapter 63: Ecstasy Shinatsuhiko first appears in the manga when he uses his shinki to attack Bishamonten in response to her her high treason. He then calls for other members of the subjugation force to fire a rain of arrows upon her, and for Yatagarasu to use his crows to continue the assault. He wonders if she has a death wish when she still gets up and continues chasing after the Sorceror.

Chapter 64: Dear One He is next seen observing the battle between Yato and Takemikazuchi. He is visibly angered by Takemikazuchi and Kiun going overboard with their side of the fight, damaging the Near Shore in the process. He and Sakuya-bime play rock-paper-scissors to decide who should go stop them. When he loses to her, he declares Kagutsuchi the actual loser since he didn't play. He collaborates with Sakuya-bime to use Seize on Bishamon, other unnamed gods joining in to assist, and they manage to temporarily catch her. However, Yatagarasu complains that they endangered their comrades by failing to warn them before using the spell, and that their use of his spell was excessively cruel in the first place. Shinatsuhiko is shocked and sustains cuts on his face and body when Bishamon forcefully breaks herself out of the spell.

Chapter 69: Shinki When Takemikazuchi appeals to Heaven's subjugation forces, Shinatsuhiko reacts with disbelief and anger. He insists that they cannot be swayed by a simple rumor, and they should continue in their attempts to kill Bishamon for her treason.

Chapter 96: Call My Name Shinatsuhiko appears along with Kagutsuchi and Ōkuninushi as one of Amaterasu's envoys to kill the Sorceror. A news channels reports on earthquakes, fires, and strong winds in the nothern region of Japan, the latter of which Shinatsuhiko is responsible for. At first he seems to think that they'd succeeded in killing the Sorceror. But a crow, presumably Yatagarasu, arrives and tells them to make sure they finished the job by recovering the Sorceror's head.

Amaterasu had told them to kill him without using their shinki, but Shinatsuhiko is concerned about the humans nearby who may be caught in the crossfire if they continue damaging the Near Shore. He and Kagutsuchi summon their shinki. They go to tell Ookuninushi about the change of plans, but they find him unconscious and bleeding on the ground. Father appears behind him, about to strike him in the throat using Chiki.

Chapter 97: Savior Shinatsuhiko is injured by Father wielding Chiki. His attack also injured Tsuhiro, his guidepost, and exposed him to the God's Greatest Secret. Shinatsuhiko looks panicked and guilty while he holds the torn fan, and is told to calm down by Kagutsuchi. Kagutsuchi helps him stand up while he updates Yatagarasu on the situation.


Kagutsuchi and Shinatsuhiko causing destruction on the Near Shore.

As the god of wind, Shinatsuhiko is capable of creating violent windstorms. However, he prefers not to do so in order to keep from damaging the Near Shore.

When fighting alongside Kagutsuchi, Shinatsuhiko is able to fan his flames and produce a pillar of fire.[1]


Shinatsuhiko has at least four shinki.

  • 津仞 Tsuhiro / 津器 Shinki: Shinatushiko's guidepost. Takes the form of a giant, wooden fan with a protruding handle. The leaf of the fan is black with a more lightly colored circle in the center.
  • Another unspecified shinki takes the form of formal shōzoku robes, which Shinatushiko is seen wearing during Bishamon's subjugation.[2] His vessel names is either Senki or Iki.[3]


  • The clan name that he uses for his shinki, 仞 hiro, means "fathom, measure".[4]