Sakuya-bime is the goddess of sakura blossoms. She is one of the gods summoned to subjugate Bishamonten.


Sakuya-bime has the appearance of a young woman. Her official coloring is unknown, but she seems to have lightly-colored hair and eyes. She wears a pale kimono with the outermost layer hanging off her right shoulder. There are flower (presumably sakura) patterns at the bottom and at the ends of the sleeves.


Sakuya-bime is loyal to Heaven.


So far, Sakuya-bime has only been shown to have one shinki. However, their name and human form have not been revealed. Their vessel takes the form of a whip made from many short, flowering twigs. It appears that the falling petals cause sakura tree branches to sprout from the surface that they land on.

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