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Sakuya-bime (サクヤビメ) is the goddess of sakura blossoms. She is one of the gods summoned to subjugate Bishamonten.


Sakuya-bime has the appearance of a young woman. Her official coloring is unknown, but she seems to have lightly-colored hair and eyes. She wears a pale kimono with the outermost layer hanging off her right shoulder. There are flower (presumably sakura) patterns at the bottom and at the ends of the sleeves.


Sakuya-bime is loyal to Heaven. She is caring for others, but reluctant to carry out responsibilities she may view was strenuous or unfavorable, such as talking down Takemikazuchi during a battle. (She is also somewhat frivolous as she suggested playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes.) She does not show nervousness or discomfort on the battlefield herself, and thus may be decently accustomed to combat.

She seems to have a friendly or comfortable relationship with Shinatsuhiko and Kagutsuchi.


Sakuya-bime first appears in the manga when she uses her shinki to sprout trees on Bishamonten when she is accused of high treason.[1]

She is next seen observing the battle between Yato and Takemikazuchi, surprised at their reckless damaging of the Near Shore.[2] She and Shinatsuhiko play rock-paper-scissors to decide who should go stop them. When she wins against him, he then declares Kagutsuchi the actual loser since he didn't play.

She collaborates with Shinatsuhiko to use Seize on Bishamon, other unnamed gods joining in to assist, and they manage to temporarily catch her. However, Yatagarasu complains that they endangered others on their side by failing to warn them before using the spell, and that their use of his spell was excessively cruel in the first place. When Bishamon forcefully breaks herself out of the spell, Sakuya-bime is blown backwards and sustains cuts to her body.

When Takemikazuchi appeals to Heaven's subjugation forces, Sakuya-bime hears him out, asking him to confirm whether the Sorceror is still alive even though Ebisu had been killed. At the same time, she seems to be checking on Kagutsuchi, who is lying down, affected by his injuries.[3]


  • So far, Sakuya-bime has only been shown to have one shinki. However, their name and human form have not been revealed. Their vessel takes the form of a whip made from many short, flowering twigs. It appears that the falling petals cause sakura tree branches to sprout from the surface that they land on.