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Yato and Sakura.

The Sakura Arc is the fourth arc of the ノラガミ Noragami series by Adachitoka. It spans chapters 40-48 of the manga. Most of the arc has no anime adaptation, but one of its chapters was adapted into OVA 4.

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Short Summary

Yato resolves to become a god of fortune and asks Yukine to help guide him. Hiyori learns more about Yato's past.

Extended Summary

Chapter 40: We Not-So-Humbly Pray

Chapter 41: A Picture Together

Chapter 42: Causes Nothing But Disaster Kofuku tells Hiyori the story of how she met Daikoku and raised a child, Daigo, with him. After being blighted by Daikoku's guilt, Kofuku released Daigo; Yato "cut" the ties between Daikoku and Daigo in order to prevent him from turning into a phantom.

Chapter 43: Secrets

Chapter 44: Cut + Ties

Chapter 45: Transpired Transgressions

Chapter 46: Children At Play

Chapter 47: Taboo Hiyori witnesses the story of Yato's childhood. Yato makes Sakura his shinki and tries to hide her from Nora and Father. She teaches him to treat humans with compassion. Nora tricks Yato into revealing the God's Greatest Secret.

Chapter 48: You, My Dear One

Character Debuts