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Sakura ( (さくら) , Sakura) was Tenjin's former shinki and Yato's second shinki. She accidentally gave him the alias "Yato" after mistaking the character ト (boku, divination) in his given name, Yaboku (夜ト (やぼく) ), as the katakana ト (to).


Sakura's name on the back of her neck

Sakura was a young woman with dark brown hair tied into a ponytail on the top of her head, with a bead-adorned strand on the left side of her face. She appeared to be wearing a noblewoman's undergarments, consisting of a white kosode (小袖 (こそで) ) and a red hakama ( (はかま) ); although this outfit looks similar to a modern day miko outfit, none of Tenjin's other shinki are seen wearing it.[1][2]

The 櫻 seal script name she received from Yato can be seen on her nape.


Sakura Yato Yaboku.jpg

Sakura had a strong sense of morality - she was greatly distressed after Yato used her to kill a man and chastised Yato when he stole food. After meeting with Tsuyu in the aftermath of Yato's attempts to take Sakura to "play", she resolves to teach Yato about right and wrong, showing him the beauty of the world and encouraging him to play with human children. She also guided him save a man who was being dragged by his horse by cutting the rope from his foot instead of slaying the horse, as Yato first thought to do. Through this, Yato began to have second thoughts about killing people with Hiiro.

Sakura held a great appreciation for nature, enjoying sunsets, flowers and tiny frogs. She had stated that although she is dead, she still can enjoy all those things, showing gratefulness to Yato for giving her a name. She was also very patient with Yato, answering his questions about shrines. Sakura was also greatly respectful, using the honorific "sama" when referring to her master.


Master Given Name Vessel Name Human Name Name Meaning Status Form
Tenjin Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A Released Unknown
Yato Sakura




Sakura Cherry tree/blossom (archaic form)[3] Deceased; turned into karma ayakashi and was slain by Yato Koshigatana[1]


  • The archaic variant of 桜 sakura used by Yato for the seal script imprinted on the nape of Sakura's neck, 櫻, is not an entirely obsolete variant and still sees limited use in proper names.
  • The ending of her human name - the ne () in "Tamanone" - is Yato's clan name, which he uses for every shinki that he names.


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