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Ruha (璢巴) is one of Bishamonten's Shinki.


Ruha is a small, elderly woman with short, wispy gray hair.

In her vessel form, Ruha takes the form of a rusted sword with a brown sheath. Its white hilt is in the shape of a horse head.


Ruha has a calming and compassionate personality. This is evidence by how she is mainly seen comforting other shinki during a dangerous situations, as well as agreeing to difficult requests so that others would not have to suffer.


When the Ha-clan estate is invaded by phantoms, Ruha reassures her fellow shinki that they would be safe staying in the natural springs. She notably mentions that this the ideal situation for shinki like themselves who "cannot fight," implying that she may not be capable of creating a strong Borderline. However, her comfort proves to be untrue, as they are later attacked by masked phantoms that pursued Fumiha and Mineha.[1][2]

Bishamonten uses Ruha in her sword form in order to slay the ayakashi that have invaded their estate. Bishamon apologizes for having to use Ruha to kill the phantom which has eaten her clansmen. Ruha responds that those who were eaten cannot be brought back, and she is glad to be of use if it means that she can help end the younger ones' suffering.[2][3]