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Rourou ( (ろう) (ろう) Rourou, "Articulate") is a shinki technique that forces the target to speak. It is considered a truth-telling spell and is used to extract information from other shinki.

Casting Sequence

The user folds their fingers so that only their thumb, index, and middle fingers are extended. They then gesture with this hand toward the target and say, " (ろう) (ろう) Rourou".[1] If the spell is successful, the target will be forced to kneel and bow their head if they are not already in that position.[2]


  • Rourou does not work on gods.[3]
  • Its effectiveness depends on power dynamics between the user and caster.[2] An affected shinki can break the spell if their mental fortitude is greater than that of the caster.[4]
  • If the target is a stray, the user must recite all of the target's names before attempting to cast the spell.[1]


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"You wanna dig out my tush-crystal, Yukine?!"
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  • Kazuma uses Rourou to interrogate Saku about his intentions and the identity of his master.[1]
    • He jokingly uses it on Yato, knowing it wouldn't work.[3]
    • He later uses it on Yukine in order to obtain information about the Crafter; however, Yukine is eventually able to break the spell.[4]
  • Mikagami uses it on Kazuma in order to obtain information about Bishamon's act of high treason.[2]


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