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Rend ( (ざん) , zan) is an anime-only spell that allows the caster to deal a fatal blow to a phantom, effectively annihilating it. It can be performed jointly by gods and shinki.

Casting Sequence

Casting Rend requires a shinki whose vessel takes the form of a weapon. Before "charging" the shinki with the spell's power, the god must first recite an incantation[1] (below). While reciting, the casting god makes a "halberd" shape (where only the index and middle fingers are straightened rather than clenched) with their free hand. This causes their fingertips to glow, and the god then swipes their fingertips along with the weapon in order to "charge" it with the spell. Once charged, the shinki can be used to eliminate a phantom.

(original text in Japanese)

Toyoashihara no Nakatsukuni* arabi tarasenu ka no mono** yo! Ware, [Yatogami] kitariori, [Sekki] wo motte, kudakifuse, kusagusa no sawari kegare wo uchiharawan! --- Zan!
(Romaji transcription)

You** who desecrate this Land of the Rising Sun*! With my advent, I, [Yatogami], lay waste with the [Sekki] and expel thy vast defilement! --- Rend!
(Most common fan translation)


This is the Land of the Rising Sun*! Your** desecration shall not be allowed! Hear me! I am the god [Yato]! I now lay thee waste with the [Sekki], and expel thy vast defilement! I cleanse thee! --- Rend!
(Official English dub)

(*) 豊葦原中国 Toyoashihara no Nakatsukuni, literally "Middle Land of Abundant Reed Beds" is the name of the earthly realm, located between the Heavens (Takamagahara) and the Underworld (Yomi), in the Shinto creation myth. While it can mean "the world" as in the entire earth, it is usually used to refer specifically to Japan - seeing as the myth only mentions the creation of the Japanese archipelago. Due to being an obscure term for English speakers, the English translation chose to use "The Land of the Rising Sun", a more well known alternative name for Japan, instead.[citation needed]

(**) In the original Japanese version, the targeted phantom is referred to as 禍の物 ka no mono or "being of calamity".



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