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The Pacification Ring is an anime-only spell used to subjugate enemies of the Heavens. According to Daikoku, one hit would kill its target. Indeed, it was shown to be capable of producing a significantly powerful explosion, which knocked multiple characters off their feet even from a distance away, completely wiped out trees within a forest, and left a deep crater in the ground.

Even after being cut with Rend, the ring can seemingly be reformed with relative ease.

Casting Sequence

It appears to require at least twelve casters to maintain it, all of whom hold a glowing pink sword in one hand and form a halberd with the other. They all recite an incantation in unison (incomplete, due to characters speaking over the Punishers; missing section marked by ellipses):

How pure is the brightness of thy soul? How pure the brightness of thy heart? How pure it is. In the name of Takagi-no-kami, we wield the heavenly wax-tree bow... Should thou be pure of heart, [target], should thou be pure of soul, the arrow shall miss. Should thou be dark of heart, the arrow shall tear thee asunder.
(Official English dub)

At least one caster raises their sword and slashes, releasing the "arrow" from the ring. The "arrow" actually appears in a spherical form, and descends toward the target. It is also capable of firing directly upwards.


  • The Pacification Ring is used against Ebisu, who at the time the Heavens believed to be the Sorcerer. The first time it is fired, it misses its target. The second blast is cut by Yato wielding the Sekki. The ring is then formed anew directly beneath Ebisu, and the third blast ultimately succeeds in killing him. The incantation is only performed for the second firing, although the ring is present for each one.[1]

Known Users


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