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Ooharai (大祓, meaning "great purification") is a day of the year where gods show their power by engaging in a huge purging of phantoms from the Near Shore.[1]

Before the beginning of the cleansing, the gods gather in Takamagahara in front of an unnamed building that is surrounding by scaffolding. This may be the residence of Amaterasu, since it is said to have been damaged by Yato during the subjugation of Bishamonten, although it remains to be directly specified.[2]

Gods are each assigned a specific area to patrol for phantoms. It is implied that more powerful gods receive larger zones, as Bishamonten's was considered to be especially big from Arahabaki's perspective.[2] They also seem to make their rounds on shifts, as Shiiho said that it's almost time for their rounds as he and Arahabaki traveled to their assigned patrol zone.[3]

Known Participants

It seems that only those who are viewed as loyal to Heaven are invited to partake in Ooharai. For example, Takemikazuchi is no longer asked to join since Heaven considered him a participant in the Covenant. Similarly, Yato, Bishamon, and those who wagered a guidepost (Tenjin, Ebisu, and Kofuku) are not asked to join either.[1]