Trouble in Paradise
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Volume Information
Volume Number 5
Chapters Included 16, 17, 18, and 19
Release Date October 17, 2012
English release June 23, 2015
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Trouble in Paradise is the fifth volume of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was first released on October 17, 2012.


While Kugaha continues to plot Bishamon's downfall, Yukine wonders what happened to his new friend Suzuha. He sees Kazuma leaving flowers at Suzuha's cherry tree and follows him back to the heavens--right into the enemy stronghold. But when Bishamon attacks, Kazuma is forced to choose whose side he is really on.


  • Chapter 16: Hell ( () (ごく) , Jigoku)
  • Chapter 17: In Search of A Place to Go ( () () (もと) めて, Yorube o Motomete)
  • Chapter 18: Drawn Swords ( () () , Nuki Mi)
  • Chapter 19: Prayer ( (ねがい) , Negai)

Author Notes

It may be a little late for this,
but the correct pronunciation 
of shinki is actually jingi. The
Characters in Noragami all say
"shinki", but this manga may 
be the only place where it's
pronounced that way.



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