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Noragami Stage: Gods and Bonds (舞台「ノラガミ-神と絆-」, Butai Noragami - Kami to Kizuna -?) is second stage play adaptation of the Noragami series.

It premiered on February 16, 2017 - February 26, 2017 at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo.


  • Art/stage manager: Tomohiro Yokoo
  • Lighting: Toru Tanaka
  • Sound effects: Takashi Amano
  • Video: noadd
  • Costume: Nobuto Yaegashi
  • Hair/makeup: Yui Kurumaya (raftel)
  • Props: Kenichi Hatori
  • Action guidance: Tokigo Mori (Kurata Promotion)
  • Assistant director: Ryo Okubo
  • Production producer: Tomohiko Sugita ( Az Project)


Main Stage Cast

  • Hiroki Suzuki as Yato
  • Keisuke Ueda as Yukine
  • Kasumi Hasegawa as Hiyori Iki
  • Ayaka Ando as Bishamonten
  • Takuma Wada as Kazuma
  • Minami Itohara as Kofuku
  • Yuki Tomotsune as Daikoku
  • Shuhei Izumi as Tenjin
  • Reina Yoshida as Mayu
  • Ryusuke Nakamura as Isago (Original Character)
  • Bishin Kawasumi as Hayatemaru (Original Character)
  • NAO-G as Toshimaru (Original Character)
  • Marume Seijin as Mizumaru (Original Character)

Ensemble Cast

Listed alphabetically according to family name:

  • Shouji Harada
  • Sho Haruyama
  • Seiji Ishihara
  • Kohei Kaga
  • Renji Koyama
  • Makoto Miyazaki
  • Goku Shoseki
  • Shojiro Yokai


Original Characters



Comment from Hiroki Suzuki

I thought that the cast was very studious. So from the beginning of the rehearsal, the scene creation progressed smoothly, and we were able to challenge ourselves to expand the original story even though it was our first performance. I think it is important to continue to expand the world view of Noragami as a stage production. Once again, we will bring you a Noragami story that you have not yet seen, with original characters at the forefront. I hope that this work will be a good match for many people. [1]

Comment from Keisuke Ueda

What impressed me the most was Hiroki Suzuki who played the role of Yato, who gave it his all. He was leading the company with his high tension performance all the time. I was watching him closest to me, so I was even more impressed. "Yukine will support Yato! I did my best in the last performance while thinking, "I can't believe I'm doing this," so I'll do my best again this time to create a unique relationship for both of us! [2]

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