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A Story of Exploring the Mind of a Shinki (神器の心中を問う事 Shinki no Shinchū o Tō Koto?) is the second chapter of the spin-off manga series Noragami: Stray Stories (拾遺集 Shuuishuu?). It was released on November 15, 2013, as part of the first volume in the series. The story mainly focuses on Yukine and Yato.



The chapter begins with Yukine receiving a job placement magazine for regalias. Seconds later, Yato begins to rip apart Yukine's magazine but it stopped by Daikoku. Yato is then tied to a tree by Daikoku so Yukine can read his magazine. The two regalias start dumping liquid cement on Yato. Yukine reads about job recruiting ads and questionnaires, but stumbles upon an interview of Mayu, Yato's old regalia. She explains how terrible it was, and how they had no money or anywhere to sleep. She says that Yato is always spending their little money on stupid trinkets and even experienced "sexual harassment". Mayu ends the interview by saying "Give It Your Best Until You Drop Dead." Yukine fills out the questionnaire, to Yato's dismay.

The story then switches to Bishamonten reading through her regalias' questionnaires.

Back to Yato and Yukine, Yato's king emblem on his tracksuit is turned to a poop by the Gods. Still sad, Yato reads Yukine's questionnaire. On the question, "Do You Wish to Switch Occupations?" Yukine answered "No", making Yato very happy.

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