Abandoned God
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Episode Information
Kanji 棄てられた神
Rōmaji Suterareta Kami
Airdate March 16, 2014
Opening Song Goya no Machiawase
Ending Song Heart Realize
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Abandoned God (棄てられた神, Suterareta Kami) is the eleventh episode in the Noragami anime adapted series. It first aired on March 16, 2014.


As Yato and Yukine try to figure out how to restore Hiyori's memories, they are confronted by Nora, who reveals she had stolen Hiyori's memory of Yato and has once again become Furuhime, regalia of Rabō, who attacks Yato in an attempt to awaken some repressed memories. As Yato finds himself unable to beat Rabō and Furuhime, the two take their leave, with Furuhime stating she will return Hiyori's memory if Yato can defeat Rabō. It is revealed that Rabō is a God of Calamity, a god who answers malicious wishes to kill people, phantoms, and gods, who once worked alongside Yato, who was also a God of Calamity himself. As Yato became conflicted over whether restoring Hiyori's memory is the right thing to do, Yukine shows Hiyori a picture book detailing the times they have spent together. Meanwhile, Furuhime reveals that Hiyori's memory is further waning, shown when she loses her memory of Yukine, and will leave her as an empty vessel if nothing is done. Despite knowing the risks involved, Yato and Yukine resolve to restore Hiyori's memory. As Yato and Yukine visit Hiyori to tell her that they'll get her memory back, she grabs on to Yato as he teleports himself and Yukine away, leaving her on the ground.


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