Your Voice Calls Out
Aragoto Episode 12.png
Episode Information
Kanji 君の呼ぶ声
Rōmaji Kimi no Yobu Koe
Season 2
Episode No. 12
Airdate December 18, 2015
Arc Yomi Arc
Opening Song Kyōran Hey Kids!!
Ending Song Nirvana
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Your Voice Calls Out (君の呼ぶ声, Kimi no Yobu Koe) is the twelfth episode of Noragami Aragoto. It first aired on December 18, 2015.


Bishamon continues her attempts to recover Yato from the underworld. Izanami captures her and separates Bishamon from Kazuma, but the war goddess is freed through the efforts of her Regalia. Back in the heavens, Ebisu recovers enough to suggest saving Yato using a method known as "Soul Call". Hiyori, as a person from the Near Shore, calls out Yato and Bishamon's name and is able to pull the latter out of the Underworld. Heaven's Punishers arrive to execute Ebisu, and the presence of a vent only angers them further. They attack the group, but their efforts are foiled by Bishamon and a determined Ebisu. Hiyori's continued efforts to Soul Call Yato are fruitless until she screams out his true name. Without Nora, Yato arrives in the heavens into the care of Hiyori and Yukine. They flee from the Punishers with Ebisu, Kofuku, and __ while Bishamon stays to fight. (to be further developed)

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