God of Calamity
Noragami Aragoto Episode 08
Episode Information
Kanji 禍津神
Rōmaji Magatsu-kami
Season 2
Episode No. 8
Airdate November 20, 2015
Arc Yomi Arc
Opening Song Kyōran Hey Kids!!
Ending Song Nirvana
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How to Worship a God
The Sound of a Thread Snapping
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God of Calamity (禍津神, Magatsu-kami) is the eighth episode of Noragami Aragoto. It first aired on November 20, 2015.


Ebisu tries to control Ayakashi using masks but ends up getting blighted. Meanwhile, Yato is in great spirits because the shrine Hiyori made for him has been recognized as an official shrine by the Heavens after Yato continued to pester them for several days to have it recognized, causing Hiyori and Yukine to worry about how lax the government system of the heavens are. This gives him perks such as being able to go to God colloquies, selling God merchandise, getting a plot of land in Heavens, and even being able to go to the heavens. Yato is happy and goes to the heavens to meet the neighbors while Yukine goes to Bishamonten to request Kazuma to teach him how to be a good exemplar, which Bishamonten allows and Kazuma agrees to. However, Yato is forced to leave Yukine after Nora calls him, going back to his darker line of work as a God of Calamity which includes killing people on request.

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