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Being a Stray, Nora's relationships with many of the characters are filled with distrust and malice.



Her second master. She was introduced to him when he was very young and he immediately named her 'Hiiro'[1]. She developed a close bond with him when they were children. She enjoyed playing with him and seeing Yato kill 'brought her peace'. She later realized that aside from Father, Yato 'saved' her too[2]. She thinks of him as a little brother[3].

After Sakura died, Yato began rebelling against Father and she began to hate him [4]. Despite of their close relationship in childhood, she does not intervene when Father mistreats Yato because of her loyalty to Father and it was dangerous to involve herself [5]. However, she respects Yato's request to be called 'Yato' instead of 'Yaboku' [6].

Recently, Yato summons her less often, wanting to distance himself from her and Father.

A master Nora toys with. As one of her long-time users, she is fond of Yato and often seeks the chance for Yato to use her again. Whenever Yato leaves Nora, she often disturbs him and his emotions, taunting him so that he returns to her. She also brags about her skill and how even though she wasn't a blessed vessel, she could still do more than Yukine. She feels happy whenever Yato returns to using her while disregarding his feelings. Later on, Yato finally releases her of being his Shinki. Nora was noticeably infuriated with this. Yato admits that he was the reason she became a Nora.


An enemy. As Yukine is close to Yato, Nora used to taunt Yukine into hurting Yato. After Yukine underwent the purification, Nora seemed to no longer be interested in him. In recent chapters, Nora has once again been taunting Yukine, but now being countered when reminded that Yato released her of her name which breaks into a fight between them until interrupted by "Father". At the ending of chapter 74, Nora kisses Yukine. This leaves Yukine to look obviously disturbed about something to the others, though they claim it's just how Yukine is a teenager.

Upon supposedly being released by Father, Nora seeks out Yukine, crying under a bridge. She then admits that she only kissed him to please Father, and it had no meaning to her whatsoever. Despite this, Yukine comforts Nora, even lending her his jacket. Yukine starts to sneak food out to feed Nora, though eating isn't needed for a Shinki to survive. He lets her hide out at Kofuku's house while no one else is home, and excitedly asks her to study with him. Though Nora finds eating, studying, and so on to be a waste of time as shinki are dead and no longer require such things, Yukine insists and Nora seemingly begins to bond with him. It is later revealed that Nora was deceiving Yukine, isolating him from his support system (first Kazuma, then Yato and Hiyori, then Kofuku and the Gods of Fortune) and manipulating him into becoming Father's shinki. Recent chapters suggest she might regret her actions, but it is unknown whether this is another deception.

Hiyori Iki

A formidable enemy. As Hiyori is close to Yato, Nora tries to attack her using masked phantoms. Even after her attempts failed, Nora doesn’t give up on breaking the bonds between Hiyori and Yato because to her, Hiyori is a "bad influence" to Yato. Nora also despises Hiyori's blunt honesty; as she's been used to been lied to and manipulated.



Though, there has been no interaction seen between them, Takemikazuchi is one of Nora's many masters. Takemikazuchi was aware that the reason for her becoming a Nora is to retrieve information from each God.



Her true master, also known as Kouto Fujisaki. Nora has told Yato many times that she only listens to Father’s orders. In the manga, the relationship between the two is similar to that between Yato and Father, in which it's a manipulative and one-sided one. Father directs Nora and demands her to complete tasks quickly and sufficiently. In chapter 45, Nora is physically punished by the Father for not completing a task. After being cursed by Kazuma, Father "releases" Nora.

Rabō (Anime Only)

One of Nora’s masters. As they have a common goal, which is to force Yato to return to his old life, she gives all the information Rabō needs so they can drag Yato back into the world of killing. Nora had no sort of reaction to Rabo's death, but a simple "oh dear", showing how she holds no regard for any life.


A fellow comrade. Kugaha is a Stray like Nora, and she often helps him achieve his evil plans.


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