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Mutsumi (睦美, Mutsumi?) is a one-time character that appears in both Noragami anime and manga. She appears for the entirety of the first chapter in the manga, and only makes a cameo appearance in the anime’s first episode.


Mutsumi is a middle-school girl with long, brown hair tied in twin tails. Her eye color is green. She is seen wearing a grey sweater outside of her white shirt instead of a proper school uniform which is black and sits in the middle of her class.


In the anime, Mutsumi is said to often skip classes due to sickness, disregards the proper uniform rule, and for some reason the teachers always forgive her. This causes her classmates to hate and bully her; saying that she is acting like she’s special when she’s not, that she’s annoying, and that she should just kill herself. In the manga, aside from the aforementioned personality she is also somehow childish, refers to herself as a third person, and doesn’t get why people around her dislike her when she doesn’t do anything to offend them. When Mutsumi complains about this to Yato, Yato points out that she is arrogant due to her attitudes and her way of thinking.


Mutsumi was bullied by her classmates because she always skipped school and wore sweaters instead of proper uniforms. As she cried inside a bathroom stall, she noticed a phone number scrawled on the wall (“Yato - all year round! 090-XXXX-##3X; I’ll solve all your troubles!”) and instinctively called the number, only to find a boy in late teens suddenly appear out of nowhere with a woman. This boy claimed that he was a god, called Yato and that he would help solve her troubles together with his sacred weapon Tomone.

Mutsumi tells Yato her situation and wants him to stop her from bullying. After receiving 5 yen as payment (offering), Yato told her that a Ayakashi was related to the bullying as it is exam season and everyone is on edge. He told her that he can kill the Phantom, but didn't answer when she asked whether the bullying would stop.

Using Tomone's weapon form Hanki, a dagger, Yato sliced through the Phantom and killed it. Mutsumi was happy and returned to the class, only to find that everyone still looked down on her. Frustrated with the treatment, she accused Yato of being a liar. Yato, who had been silent about the bullying, told Mutsumi to stay still as he severed the bond between her and her classmates. He told her that though cutting her bonds with her classmates would make them forget about her, they would treat her like a stranger and that Mutsumi has to re-form the connection to her friends should she want to be accepted. Mutsumi agreed, and therefore her wish was granted.

In the anime, Mutsumi appeared for a brief moment, praying for the gods to save her from the bullying. Yato appeared outside the school building, tossing and catching his 5 yen and used Tomone's weapon form Hanki to destroy the Phantom that loomed all over the school.

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