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Momo (? lit. hundred) is a former shinki of Yato's, who was very briefly named by the God as he searched for a shinki suitable for the job of defeating his Father. After seeing his form of dollar store scissors, it is assumed that Yato released him, as he is unable to protect himself from a later attack.


As a human, Momo is a young man looking to be in his late teens or early twenties. He has brown hair in the shape of a bowl cut, as well as large, round glasses. He also wears a suit and tie. Because of the similarities, he could have been confused for Kazuma in the very beginning. After being released, he is seen wearing a puffer coat over the suit.

As a shinki, Momo takes the form of cheap dollar store scissors.


Judging from his initial appearance, Momo is assumed to be a very polite young man, if not a little meek. He didn't present any hard feelings towards Yato upon not being a good fit for the job. He then went on his way to continue his search for work with no further complaints.



It is unknown what Momo did after being dismissed by Yato. Later on in the chapter, he returns, seeking Yato out. As Yato turns to greet him, he is ambushed by a large ayakashi. This situation is escalated when Kazuma appears, taking advantage of the predicament to force Yato's hand in naming him. With Rekki, Yato is able to save Momo from the attack.