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Miyu (実喩) is one of Tenjin's former shinki. She was part of a group of four female shinki who present themselves as "The Tenjin Sisters".

She was excommunicated after having her name revoked for blighting her master.


Like all of Tenjin's shinki shown thus far (excluding Saku), Miyu has the appearance of a young woman. She has light blue eyes and light brown hair that is slightly curly. She ties her hair in a ponytail, leaving one lock hanging over her left ear.

Miyu is dressed in a white kimono with a red hakama over it - the common set of clothing for shrine maidens worn by Tenjin's other female shinki, as well as Tsuyu.


Miyu first introduces herself when Yato and Yukine, along with Hiyori, come to accept Tenjin's request to eliminate a phantom that has settles in a certain railroad crossing.[1]

Some time later, when Daikoku visits various shrines to find a shinki who would agree to take part in Yukine's purification ceremony, Miyu is once again seen along with the other "Tenjin Sisters", expressing unease over the possible consequences of a failed ceremony.[2]

Miyu's mental state deteriorates as a result of an "aftershock" caused by Yukine's corruption, causing her to try slitting her wrist - blighting Tenjin in the process. Her fellow shinki perform a purification ritual on her, with turns out successfully. In spite of her confessing her misdeeds and repenting through the ceremony, Tenjin - differently from Yato - decides to revoke her name and banish her nonetheless.[3]


  • The character used for Miyu's true name, 実 (chosen reading unknown), means "truth" or "reality", and also "fruit" and "to bear fruit".
    • The character added for her given name, 喩 yu, means "metaphor".
  • Miyu's shinki form and alternative names as Tenjin's shinki have not been revealed.
    • Possible "true" name readings could be mi, minoru or minori, and less plausibly makoto (considering this name is "taken" by Mayu).
    • Her most probable vessel name reading is 実器 jikki.
  • Miyu's Japanese voice actress, Yuki Takao, portrays Mineha in the second season of the Noragami anime.