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Miun (巳云) is one of Takemikazuchi’s shinki.


Miun is a young woman appearing to be in her early twenties. She wears oval-shaped, lower half-frame glasses. Like all of Takemikazuchi's shinki, she wears Shinto priest robes, and her hair is mostly loose with some locks pulled back into a ponytail at the back of her head. She also has center-parted bangs which reach her chin. Her official coloring is unknown, but based on shading she appears to be a brunette.

As a vessel, Miun takes the form of a decorated short sword and sheath. Takemikazuchi usually keeps her in Saiun's waistband.


She appears to be slightly hotheaded, growing annoyed when Yato and Yukine mock Takemikazuchi and her fellow shinki.[1] She is loyal to Takemikazuchi. She has shown herself to be caring, showing concern for Saiun and Kaun when they are injured.


Chapter 35: Death Miun is present in her vessel form on Takemikazuchi's waist band.

Chapter 61: Renegade Miun's human form is revealed, standing behind Kiun while Takemikazuchi warns him not to damage the Near Shore.

Chapter 62: Pride, Collide, Untied Miun gets angry when Yukine and Yato mock them, but quiets down when Kiun tells her that they should show respect and avoid belittling their enemies. Takemikazuchi briefly draws Miun to block a slash to his abdomen.

Chapter 63: Ecstasy Miun looks over Saiun's abdomen wound after he is injured by Yato and Yukine.

Chapter 66: Smoldering Sparks Miun looks shocked when Kiun is deeply cut by Yato. She then seems sympathetic after Takemikazuchi scolds him for missing an opportunity to become a hafuri.

Chapter 67: Mine Takemikazuchi draws Miun's blade after Kaun is nearly shattered during his attack. She watches over her shoulder in concern even she is pulled forward. He uses her to slash horizontally across Yato's chest. However, she is distressed at how far Takemikazuchi is pushing her and her fellow shinki– Saiun is injured and Kaun appears unconscious. Yato remarks that Miun and the others are no longer following him.

Chapter 68: The Road Home Takemikazuchi reverts her to her human form, along with Kaun and Saiun. She is shown helping an injured Saiun stand and walk home.

Chapter 75: And Then He... Miun is present in her vessel form when Takemikazuchi arrives at Kofuku's house. She helps in performing Yukine's second ablution ceremony. She blushes and thinks to herself that she ships it when she finds out that Yukine was kissed by Nora. After the ablution is complete, Takemikazuchi commends her, Kaun, and Saiun, and sends them home.


  • The character used for her name, 巳 mi, refers to the 6th sign of the Chinese zodiac (the snake/serpent).