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Mitsurugi (みつるぎ) is one of Amaterasu's Three Sacred Treasures.


Mitsurugi is a tall man with short, dark hair. He has one dark and one pale eye. He appears to be dressed in ikan sugata (衣冠 (いかん) 姿 (すがた) ), a semi-formal outfit worn by nobility at the palace in the Heian Period,[1] made up of a kanmuri ( (かんむり) ) hat,[2] ikan no ho robe (衣冠 (いかん) () ), and sashinuki hakama (指貫 (さしぬき) (はかま) ).[3]


Mitsurugi is loyal to Amaterasu and Heaven. He is stoic to the point that he outwardly displayed no nervousness or hesitation when he was called forth to participate in a covenant ritual.


  • Historically, the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan were symbols of the emperor's divine right to rule over Japan. The three items are a jewel, a mirror, and a sword. Mitsurugi represents the sword, as tsurugi( (つるぎ) ) means blade/sword. The other sacred treasures used by Amaterasu, Mitama and Mikagami, represent the jewel and the mirror, respectively.
  • The full name of the historical and mythological Treasure is Kusanagi no Tsurugi (草薙 (くさなぎ) (つるぎ) ). This refers to the legendary sword the god Susanoo obtained after defeating the eight-headed serpent Yamata-no-Orochi.
  • As one of the Three Sacred Treasures, Mitsurugi can reincarnate, but in a different way from the gods.
  • The names of the Three Sacred Treasures, Mitsurugi included, are written using hiragana. This sets them apart from other shinki in the series, whose names are written using kanji only.


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