Mitama (みたま) is one of Amaterasu's Three Sacred Treasures.


Mitama has lightly colored hair that is parted in the middle and cut into a straight bob. She has one dark eye and one pale eye, like the other two Treasures. She is wearing the attire of a female Shinto priest, including a nukaate (額当 (ぬかあて) ) headpiece and an uwagi (表着 (うわぎ) ) garment.


Mitama is loyal to Amaterasu and Heaven. She is capable to remaining calm and stoic even while awaiting judgement during the covenant ritual.


  • Historically, the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan were symbols of the emperor's divine right to rule over Japan. The three items are a jewel, a mirror, and a sword. Mitama represents the jewel, as tama ( (たま) ) can refer to a spherical gem. The other Sacred Treasures used by Amaterasu, Mikagami and Mitsurugi, represent the mirror and the sword, respectively.
  • The full name of the historical and mythological Treasure is Yasakani no Magatama (八尺瓊勾玉 (やさかにのまがたま) ). A magatama (勾玉 (まがたま) ) is a curved jewel resembling a comma with a hole in the middle.[1]
  • Mikagami as one of the Three Sacred Treasures can reincarnate, but in a different way from the gods.
  • The names of the Three Sacred Treasures, Mitama included, are written using hiragana. This sets them apart from other shinki in the series, whose names are written using kanji only.


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