Name: Mineha
Kanji: 嶺巴
Other Name(s): Ryōki
Race: Shinki
Gender: Female
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Bishamonten's shinki
Personal Status
Status: Alive
Manga Debut: Chapter 13
Anime Debut: Episode 1, Season 2
Japanese Voice: Yuki Takao
English Voice: Natalie Hoover
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Mineha (嶺巴) is Bishamonten's shinki. She was saved from a phantom almost devouring her. In her shinki form she turns into a mirror with a crack in it. Her weapon name is Ryōki (嶺器).


Mineha's Noragami Aragato character design.

She looks like a young woman with short light brown hair and navy blue eyes. She is wearing a orchid colored yukata with a purple and light blue obi sash. She is also wearing straw sandals.


Mineha is a kind and caring person. She really apreciates the fact of being accepted as part of the ha family of Bishamonten's shinki. As shown in episode 1 of Noragami Aragoto.

During Kugaha's assault on the rest of Bishamon's shinki using Masked Ones (ayakashi),  Mineha demonstrates the courage and loyalty to Bishamon by saving herself and another younger shinki from being devoured by an Ayakashi.


Althought she may not have any abilities in her weapon form, as all regailias can do, she can make a border line.


  • Mineha's Japanese voice actress, Yuki Takao, portrayed Miyu in the anime's first season.


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