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As a friendly person, she has good relationships with everyone except Yato.



Her current master. She feels that Tenjin is way better than her former master, and together they like to tease Yato and his way of living.


Her former master. She worked for Yato for three months before she called it quits, saying that she had enough of living like vagrants and having to endure not only Yato’s lazy attitude, but also his sweaty hands. They have been insulting each other every time they meet since then. However, she still worries about Yato whenever he is in trouble.


A friend with the same fate. She and Yukine have one thing in common - Yato is (or used to be in Mayu’s case) their master. As she experienced living with Yato first, she feels pity towards Yukine and always dreams of gossiping about Yato with him.

Hiyori Iki

She and Mayu got along pretty quickly and are generally very good friends.