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Mayu ( () () Mayu) is one of Tenjin's shinki. She previously worked for Yato under the name Tomone ( (とも) () Tomone).


Mayu has short black hair and eyes that are colored green. She usually wears a white kimono with red hakama. During the time she worked with Yato, she wore a dark red kimono with light purple vertical stripes and a pink scarf around her shoulders. Her exact age is unknown, but she appears to be a woman in her twenties.


Mayu is honest and blunt, unafraid to complain when she dislikes a person or her current circumstances.[1] She has a strong sense of duty and high standards for behavior as a shinki[2], as well as compassion and sympathy for humans and fellow shinki.[3] She also demonstrates loyalty to her friends, to the point that she would risk putting herself in danger for one's sake.[4]

Skills & Abilities


  • Borderline (境界線 (きょうかいせん) , Kyoukaisen): Using her fingers, Mayu can draw a line and create a boundary that prevents ayakashi from crossing through.[4] By extension, she is capable of using a borderline as an offensive skill.[5] She can also participate in a Purification ( (みそぎ) , Misogi) ritual.[4]

Vessel Techniques

Mayu's vessel name as Tenjin's shinki has yet to be revealed. Based on the on-yomi reading of her name, it may be Shinki ( (しん) () ).

  • Vessel Transformation: Mayu transforms into a smoking pipe.[3]

As Yato's former shinki, her name was Tomone ( (とも) () ) and her vessel name was Hanki ( (はん) () ).[1]

  • Vessel Transformation: Mayu transforms into a dagger.
  • Rend ( (ざん) Zan): This is an anime-only spell that she obtains as Yato's divine weapon. When she and Yato use Rend, they are able to exterminate ayakashi.[6] In the manga, this skill is never named.[1]
  • Sunder ( (ぜつ) Zetsu): This is an anime-only spell that she obtains at Yato's weapon, Hanki. When Yato uses Zetsu, she is able to sever the bonds between two individuals. In the manga, she uses this skill to sever the bonds between Mutsumi and her classmates, although the skill is only named in the anime.[1]


  • Mayu's true name, (まこと) Makoto, means "truth" or "reality".
    • The character added to make her given name, () yu, means "metaphor".
    • Unlike most shinki, the archaic version of the kanji used for Mayu's name that adorns her person, 眞, is not entirely obsolete and still sees limited use in given names.
  • Mayu feels uncomfortable around large fires.[7]


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