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Manabu Ogiwara is one of Yato's clients. In the manga, he is named Manabu Hagiwara (萩原学, Hagiwara Manabu).


Manabu is a short teenage boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears the standard black gakuran school uniform.


Manabu is a meek individual, perhaps because of his experience being bullied. He feels ignored and wants to have friends. After being pushed, he is capable of deep anger, although he seems to prefer not to partake in violence even if he considers it.


Manabu is a second-year middle school student. He is always picked on by other students during between-class breaks. For this reason, he has taken to hiding in the girls' restroom since his male bullies would not search for him there. He had called Yato for help about the bullying.[1]


Chapter 10: Crossing the Line Manabu is revealed by Yato to be hiding in a stall in the girls' restroom, to and Hiyori responds by hitting him with a broom. However, once he explains his true reasons for being there, she apologizes and says that she won't tell anyone about it. He seems to anger Yukine when he expresses that he wishes he could go somewhere far away and abandon his school life. Yato suggests that Manabu let out his feelings just as Yukine does. He gives Manabu two box cutters, one for himself and one for his bully should Manabu decide to challenge him. He warns Manabu that killing his bully would make him no longer human.

After Manabu's clothes are thrown in the trash by his bullies, he confronts one just as Yato had planned him to do. However, at the last moment he decides against violence, and the phantom that had been following him and growing disappears. Manabu cries, realizing that violence would only alienate him further from other people, and decides that the only thing he can do against his bullies is stand firm. Yato advises him that finding lots of friends in unnecessary, and Manabu should just try to find one person who is unique.

Chapter 14: Her Memories Manabu approaches Hiyori at school. He says that everyone treats him like air, but the bullying has stopped, so his situation has improved in that sense. He has forgotten about Yato and replaced all his memories of him with Hiyori. He tells her that he was really happy that Hiyori saved him from his bullies, and that he thought she was really cool. He seems to have developed a crush on her but runs off without saying so explicitly.