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Kunimi (邦弥) is one of Ebisu's main battle shinki and, as of recently, his lead shinki.[1]


He is a tall, muscular, and burly man. He has short, dark brown hair that is somewhat shaggy. Like most of Ebisu's shinki, he wears a suit with a button-up shirt and green tie. After being cut by Nora,[2] he has a scar running diagonally across his left eyebrow.


He is caring and loyal to Ebisu, worrying for his master's safety and health, especially since Ebisu tends to get reincarnated frequently because of his attempts at being a mage. This only increases when Ebisu is reincarnated and has a habit of wandering around and get lost. While he held a master-servant relationship with Ebisu's previous reincarnation, who cared for Kunimi and saw him as a loyal follower and friend. Kunimi acts like a protective parent rather than a servant to the current incarnation as shown when he clapped and cried tears of joy when Ebisu won best God, acting like how a proud parent would.[3]

Kunimi is strenuously overworked and gets no days off. Because of this, he repeatedly requests vacation time from his master but is usually rebuffed.


Kunimi is a rare type of shinki who does not change into an animal, object, or weapon; rather, he takes control of his master's movements. He is also a skilled master of unarmed combat. He was even able to defend Ebisu against Yato during their battle (with the help of Tatsumi and Utami).[4]


  • His only job for about 200 years was tying Ebisu's shoelaces.[5]


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