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Daikoku is Kofuku's only shinki and they have known each other for a very long time. When they first met, she claimed to have fallen for Daikoku at "first sight" and therefore wanted to make him her shinki. Kofuku loves Daikoku very much as a shinki and wants to make him as happy as possible; even adopting Daigo to make him happy, even though she had to release him soon after.

However, Kofuku has shown to be a little upset with Daikoku when he doesn't let her go to public places, as she brings bad luck with her. She also wants to spend time with him as much as possible, going on "dates" together which is shown when they went to Capyper Land. Kofuku has claimed that she doesn't want Daikoku to risk his life for her; the only thing she wants is for him to raise her when she reincarnates.


While Yato introduces Kofuku as his girlfriend, they don't have any serious affairs. Kofuku affectionately calls him "Yatty" (Yato-chan). Kofuku heard about Yato after some "nasty rumors" where she eventually befriended him. They are very alike, allowing them to become very close friends and partners in crime. Despite this, Yato shows annoyance with her bad luck and will not hesitate to shoo her when she comes and brings bad luck for him on a job.

Yato and Kofuku trust each other deeply, which is proven when Yato told Hiyori to go to Kofuku and Daikoku if something happens. She is very protective of Yato as a friend, even threatening Bishamon. When he went missing, she didn't seem concerned as she said he did it often, showing that she understands him. When Yato seems to be in trouble, Kofuku tries to help him out as much as possible, like letting him and Yukine stay at her home.

Hiyori Iki

When they first met, Kofuku became very interested with Hiyori as she was a human and quickly befriended her. She also started calling her "Hiyorin". Kofuku views Hiyori as a very close friend and sometimes teases her about Yato, much to her embarrassment. She sometimes pounces her breast to question their size. Even though Hiyori was a little cautious of Kofuku - a goddess of poverty- at first, they became close and Hiyori knows she can rely on and trust Kofuku.


While they haven't interacted much, Kofuku calls him "Yukki", and gladly welcomed Yukine to live in her house, and she enjoys his company. Yukine has also said that he enjoys living in Kofuku and Daikoku's house. It is stated that Kofuku thinks that Yukine is cute, and she was seen to worry about Yukine when he was being punished, or when she thought that he would leave Yato.



Kofuku is very fond of Bishamon, calling her "Bisha". Kofuku becomes very happy when she visits her for predicting bad omens, while Bishamon respects her and is in relatively friendly terms with her. Kofuku is well aware of her and Yato's past, which she claims "isn't her business" anymore. While Kofuku is fond of her, she once threatened Bishamon to be prepared for a "big storm" if something would happen to Yato. However, she helped the war goddess to rescue Ebisu from Izanami.

Yusuke Urasawa

She once had a slight yet "pure" relationship with a human, but this almost caused his suicide as he was followed by disgrace.