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Name: Kinuha
Kanji: 紝巴
Other Name(s): Okinu (By Kuraha and Akiha)
Race: Regalia
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Bishamonten's Shinki
Personal Status
Status: Alive
Manga Debut: Chapter 07
Anime Debut: Episode 07
Japanese Voice: Kanami Satou
English Voice: Mallorie Rodak
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Kinuha (紝巴), is a current Regalia to Bishamonten. She turns into a whip in her shinki form. Her vessel name is Jinki (紝器).


Kinuha Character Design

She is seen to be fairly short, with long brown hair. In her human-like form, she is dressed in a smart suit, a common uniform worn by all of Bishamonten's shinki. She's also a smoker, and has been seen smoking cigarrettes several times.


While not much is known of her personality, she seems to be a calm, mature person. Shown when Kugaha took his clothes off to show he had no blight, all the other girls screamed and averted their eyes but Kinuha looked calm and just kept staring. Like the rest of Bishamonten's shinki, she is loyal to her master. She can be somewhat cold and callous as shown when her master and fellow shinki went to Kofuku to see where vents would open, Kinuha mentioned how it was most likely that Kofuku's bad luck caused the vents to open where she mentioned they would.




  • Boundary: Like all Shinki, Kinuha can create a boundary to protect herself and others from Phantoms.
  • Whip: Kinuha's regalia form is a whip, by the vessel name Jinki. She is considerably strong, being able to whip Izanami's hair off from Bishamonten in the underworld. She also helped taking out Kiun, Takemikazuchi's regalia (also known as 'Thunder Blade'), in episode 12 Noragami Aragoto.


  • Kinuha has been referred to as "Okinu" several times by both Kuraha and Akiha. This "nickname" is reminiscent of how young noblewomen were fondly-yet-politely addressed in pre-19th century Japan. This could hint at the time in history Kinuha, Kuraha and Akiha were given their names by Bishamonten.
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